Rebel groups and different government forces in South Kivu.

By Gakwerere

1) The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (FARDC)

2) Rwanda spacial forces (illegally in the country)

3) Burundi Spacial forces (invited in the country)

4) The United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or MONUSCO. The peacekeeping force under UN umbrella.

5) Mai Mai Yakutumba. (Fighting against the Kabila government)

6) Mai Mai Aoci. (Always changing allegiances depending on interests)

7) FOREBU. ( Fighting the Burundian government, led by Hussein Radjabu a former close ally of president Nkurunziza)

* FNL. ( Fighting against the Burundian government, it’s a sprinter group of FNL of Agatho Rwasa, the current deputy speaker of the Parliament of Burundi.)

9) Gumino ( a civil protection group that fights for the protection of Banyamulenge)

10) Mai Mai Umoja. ( Always fighting against foreign rebels who have established training, logistic and safe zones/camps in DR Congo)

11) Twiraneho. ( A rebel group that protects Banyamulenge against attacks of mai mai groups, especially bafulera and babembe attackers)

12) FLN. ( A Rwandan rebel group that is fighting against the brutal regime in Kigali)

13) FDLR. ( A Rwandan rebel grooup that has been based in Eastern DR Congo for the last 20+ years.)

14) Red Tabara. ( A rebel group fighting the government of Burundi, being led by Alex Sinduhije)

15) Please, you may add any rebel group I have forgotten in South Kivu.

The South Kivu, is the next hot spot in the regional warfare. It’s a mixture of different government and their proxies. As I always note, the great lakes region is a moving time bomb waiting to blast.