Relaxing Old Video Games To Chill in Your Free Time

Gaming does not always have to be about competition, killing villains, shooting zombies, or getting stranded. Relaxation, and most importantly, the old-fashioned way, is what we seek some other times.When life feels like a tornado or very chaotic, the best escape is retro video game indulgence.

There are a variety of genres that can offer you the relaxation you seek but, to change the intense pace or clear your head, chill out with the games on our list.

Stardew Valley

Distract yourself from the chaos of life with this relaxing sim. Stardew Valley is put together on a farm. There are animals that you need to raise and crops that you need to grow. You can also get yourself into a fishing or mining routine to pass the time. You can make use of the natural resources to customize your home and craft farming items. 

The land is massive for your exploration and is packed with people to befriend. You may choose to romance the locals of Pelican Town. Find endless collectibles, run your errands, and battle the baddies you meet. 

Sega Ages, Out Run

Out Run is another ideal game when you need to chill and unwind. Play this racing masterpiece on your big screen or, better yet, on the go. The shore’s breeze, the wind, and the palm tree paradise are the best combinations. The engine buzz and an Italian horsepower of 385 will have you forget about everything else. The perfect complement is the songs and the bliss of driving under a blue sky.


The creators of Journey made unwinding the main focus. You need to direct the main character around the puzzles, a winding and lonely dessert. To help you out, there are excellent graphics and gameplay that require less pressure for exploration. You have a lot to look at and listen to as well. This game is a dose to allow you to slow down and take a breather.

The Stanley Parable

The game is packed with self-aware comedy. Just what you need for a laugh. Its uniqueness is that it offers the player choice or freedom. It is the perfect choice for when you do not want to turn off your brain entirely but shift your focus. The player and fate relationship make proof of the thought put in during creation.Minor changes here and there will have you meandering back to the same hallways. It is a giver of happy thoughts, and this is the best feeling ever. 


In the game, the gamer plays like a cloud of creatures that appear like insects. These creatures are going around a planet. As the swarm grows more significant with time, you are granted a chance for map exploration, and you can also find and occupy other planets. You rule as you can take these new planets from other insects. There is a catch though, do not leave your world unguarded. Eufloria is simple with attention-grabbing sound effects, graphics, and music.

We Love Katamari

Just like the name suggests, you will find yourself part of the “we.” The game was put up with the most delightful silly premise. You will be the son of the King of the Cosmos, tasked with item collection. These items were knocked out accidentally by the king during a drinking spree. The Katamari ball is what you must have. It collects anything it touches. The Japanese soundtrack packs this game with fun.

The Sims

The addiction that came with playing The Sims is what makes this game a relaxing entity. This game was a life simulator. What more would you wish for but a similar day-to-day situation? As you play, make decisions for the impressively squawking characters, buy house items, and decorate as you want to. Most life’s wrong choices are irreversible, but there is a chance to start fresh with The Sims once you make a mistake. Just ditch former life.


Threes entails matching numbers, but there is something about this game that is very soothing. You get to slide together the colorful and beautiful game rectangles. The game is simple and a very addictive puzzle. You also play at your own pace as you try to bring together the perfect number combinations. To even further distract yourself, play your favorite music or podcast as you play.

Final Thoughts

Video gaming can be an excellent way to offer you relief. Life situations, including the ongoing pandemic, need a little bit of mind shift. Try the classic games on our list, and you will be amazed at how easy it will be to unwind. These games are also available on multiple platforms, which makes them even more approachable. Even if some may lack what you may perceive as great storytelling, they will help you chill out.