RRM Sends Open Letter of Thanks to the Ugandan government and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

From Rwandese Revolutionary Movement to you Sir, Mr. President and your government allow me to congratulate you on behalf of the Rwanda Revolutionary Movement for your bravery of taking legal action against some of the Ugandan Police officers who have been colluding with the Rwandan Security Agents not only to kidnap or kill Rwandans who are on the Ugandan Soil but destabilizing the Security of Uganda that you personally and your comrades earned through sweat and blood.

Since the matter is still in the courts of Law, I would like not comment further so that it doesn’t look as if we are interfering in the course of Justice, but the arrest of the Notorious Rwandan serial Killer Rene Rutagungira will give many Rwandans a breathing space especially those living in Uganda and those who traverse in Uganda on almost daily basis. Indeed, Uganda is considered a free country compared to the western democracy, freedom of assembly and speech is not only enshrined in the Ugandan Constitution but is seen practiced in the whole country.

Whenever our burdens as freedom fighters tend to feel unduly heavy, we admire all the more tremendous job you have done since your childhood at Ntare Secondary School, Dare salaam University and subsequent resistance to Id Amin, Obote and your sacrifice in the Rwandan Struggle in which your friend and comrade Gen. Fred Rwigyema missed in Action.
The Rwanda Revolutionary Movement have launched a democratic campaign against the murderous and intolerant regime of President Kagame, Indeed, you have personally carried a back-breaking load of hard, tedious, day by day and state by state campaigning against the dictators, from Id Amin, Obote, Habyarimana, Mobutu, and your efforts to liberate South Sudan have always made us admire your character and bravery, and in doing so you have been undismayed by problems of time, distance, and physical effort.

I know we share the urgent hope that there in Rwanda and the region in general may be returned the peace and democracy that you have restlessly fought for, we hope that your admiration crosses all the minds, hearts and the borders across Africa.

We have learnt a lot from you, your tolerance to all your political competitors irrespective of their background and role, from former military officers to even your senior cadres and comrades. In Rwanda it is unthinkable that a former General or any politician would compete with Kagame and live another day.

We have decided that we take this campaign to Rwandans in completing this program that we believe is in the best interests of all Rwandans. No man could have done more effective work than you to further that hope in Uganda and the rest of Africa. Whatever the outcome, in our struggle, we can find no words to express our deep appreciation of the contribution you have made toward that goal.

Mr. President and your government please allow us, to tell you that, your democratic principles and patriotism have aroused our admiration as an able campaigner; there is no question but that you are the most charming of the lot.
With warm regard,

Rwandese Revolutionary Movement Spokes person

Noble Marara