Ruhango-Rwanda: a student killed and his body burned!

Byusa Yassin, a senior six student disappeared on the 21st May, probably kidnapped and his burned body was found on the 22nd May.

According to police and those who saw the body, he was tied in a plastic – poly bag, his mouth super-glued and then burned with charcoal.

A young man who was still looking forward to a great life of education, work and starting his own family; has been brutally killed by criminal that roam the land of a thousand hills.

yassinIn Kagame’s Rwanda, who has the capability and the zeal to carry out such a heinous act? In Kagame’s Rwanda, the state is a big Brother, watching and controlling the daily lives of all citizens.

Why was the boy’s mouth glued with super glue?? Did he utter words which are considered undesirable by the Criminal regime?? What crime did the boy do, to deserve such despicable and detestable death??