Rwanda: A crazy indictment against Karasira!

By Ben Barugahare

The information reaching the columns of “The Rwandan” from journalists working on Rwandan territory and close to the government reveals that the charges against Aimable Karasira will be increased. This information is backed by various reliable sources! According to this information, the Rwandan Investigation Office (RIB) seized a large sum of money, whose source is unjustified from Karasira. Thus, Karasira will be charged with the offense of “illicit enrichment”.

It is reported that preliminary investigations conclude that most of the money seized from Karasira’s home comes from contributions collected abroad and then sent to him. The RIB says those who send this money to Karasira are members of the opposition groups known to deny and revise the genocide against the Tutsi. The spokesperson for the RIB said: “We know that these people who are abroad collect and send money to people like Karasira and dictate to them what to say in a bid to cause disorder in the country and incite the population to insurgency. This is laundered money “,

Dr. Thierry Murangira adds that Mr. Karasira is in good health, that he has no health problems or other life problems, so he does not suffer from any particular health problems. Karasira appears above all very lucid without any psychological problem.

RIB spokesperson says he seizes the opportunity to warn social media users to refrain from receiving money from groups overseas in order to publish false and criminal information. He goes on saying that in its investigations, the RIB found out that Karasira and many other people who use social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and internet sites, accept money to betray the country by giving the field free to the enemies of the country who broadcast on their channels false news, rumors, blackmail, everything to tarnish the image of the country. They are doing all this with the unhealthy purpose of eclipsing the activities of the state, inciting the population to insurgency, dividing it… All of these, says Dr. Thierry Murangira, constitute crimes.

In conclusion, RIB brings to the knowledge of the whole population that it will never tolerate people who are guilty of those facts mentioned above. The RIB does not prohibit anyone from enjoying their rights of expression, but no one should cover up these rights to violate the laws while causing trouble in the country.

The information concerning this seizure of money has indeed been confirmed by the spokesperson for RIB, Dr Thierry Murangira and this new charge will be part of the casefile under examination and which was to be sent to the public prosecution on Monday, 7 June 2021 so that the latter will carry out its own investigations and decide to submit it to the court or safekeep it if proofs lack as overtly noted. The problem is that such a case file is politically sensitive and judicial institutions which deal with it lose automatically their theoretical independence. Let us recall that, when Karasira was arrested, the RIB let it be known that he was being prosecuted for the crimes of negationism and revisionism of the genocide against the Tutsi of 1994 and of divisionism.

Dr. Thierry Murangira told to some journalists working in the country that during the search in the house of Karasira, they found more than 10 thousand American dollars (10,981 USD), 520 Euros, and more than 3 million Rwandan Francs ( 3,142,000 Rwf), there is also 11 million on hid mobile money account as well as many other large sums of money deposited in various banks which are still being investigated.

The new charge of illicit enrichment is dealt with in Article 9 of Law No. 54/2018 of 13/08/2018 governing the fight against corruption. The article states that anyone who is unable to explain where his or her wealth comes from in relation to their legally recognized income is committing a crime. If the act is proven by the judgment of a court, the person is liable to a prison sentence that cannot be below 7 years and not exceed 10 years and a fine ranging from 3 to 5 times the value of illicit wealth.

A lawyer contacted by “The Rwandan” revealed that the practice of changing or increasing the charges of the defendant has become commonplace in Rwandan justice. Moreover, “The Rwandan” has information according to which Karasira was questioned by the RIB, with the legal assistance of Me Philbert Gashagaza, on June 03, 2021.