Rwanda: A Former Buffalo resident in jail.

Gakire Fidèle

By Mukunzi Rubens

According to the Medias from Kigali-Rwanda, the Rwandan Correctional Service (RCS) detains the reported missing man, Fidele Gakire Uzabakiriho, a former journalist and asylum seeker in Buffalo-New York. After I posted Fidele Missing on December 1st, in different social media, finally, the RCS spokeswomen told media that Fidele is jailed in Kigali prison called Mageragere since November 24th, 2022 without court proceeding. So far there is no justification of what the government of Rwanda accuses this man.

I ask myself this questions: How this poor man went back in his home country as asylum seeker? Or maybe he came to USA for a visit(since 2018) and then preferred to go back home? What did he do to be arrested? What crime did he committed and where? I’m sure he didn’t want to land in jail, possibly that they (Do not ask me) have promised Fidele a red carpet at his reception