Rwanda: A new rebel movement wants to overthrow Kagame regime

Maj. Callixte N. SANKARA, former 2nd Vice President of the RMDC and the NLF Spokesperson


PRESS RELEASE n° 2018/07/01

We, the leaders of the MRCD:

Considering that, the RPF-Inkotanyi devastated the country while dividing Rwandans;

Considering that, unity and reconciliation among Rwandans are no longer possible as long as the RPF and Kagame continue to kill both Hutu and Tutsi opponents;

Considering that the plight of Rwandans caused by the RPF and Kagame through the techniques of impoverishment and starvation by unprecedented tax pressure, large-scale expropriation and other multiple cruel strategies;

Considering that the RPF, which has taken possession of all the patrimony of the country, persists in cynically asking the brainwashed, poverty and unemployment stricken youth to create employment;

Considering that Kagame has no intention of renouncing the massacres, since terror is the driving force of his system, to the point that his current victims are the survivors of the genocide transformed into his trade commodity – caused by himself, when he shot down the plane carrying both President Habyarimana of Rwanda and Ntaryamira of Burundi on 6 April 1994;

Considering that Kagame is once again ready for the massacres as it was revealed by Colonel Muhizi through his speech dated 08 July 2018 when he pronounced that the RPF and Kagame are ready to “SWEEP” the Rwandans which means they are ready to commit another genocide;

Considering that, Kagame fraudulently modified the Constitution to cling on to power, resorting to the victimization of his opponents, while murdering some of them both inside and outside the country.


We, the leaders of the RMDC, decided to rise as one man to face all forms of racism, regionalism, excessive injustice and human rights abuses. The youth of the RMDC, which has already transcended the spirit of segregation that characterizes the RPF, is set to fly to the rescue of Rwanda;

We therefore created the armed forces known as the National Liberation Forces (NLF) and we assigned them the mission to put an immediate end to the dictatorial power of the RPF-Kagame. The NLF will use all possible means including the armed struggle to drive the RPF out of power, since it refused all peaceful ways.

The NLF comes to the rescue of ALL Rwandans since the young men and women who compose them come from all ethnic divides – Hutu, Tutsi and Twa- and they swore to give their heart and mind to the cause of Rwanda, even if they should pay with their own lives to snatch the victory.

We reassure the Rwandan people that it is possible to get rid of this filthy dictatorship, since wherever the NLF have tried the experiment recently, whether in Cyangugu, Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, Bugesera and Huye, everywhere the soldiers of Kagame suffered casualties and those who escaped preferred to take their legs close to their necks. We ask our dear compatriots to take for example the populations of the aforementioned localities who have given a determined support to the valiant NLF to debunk this dictatorship.

We ask our compatriots as well as foreigners residing in Rwanda to dissociate themselves from the RPF-Kagame and bring their help to the NLF youth devoted to the national cause and ready for the supreme sacrifice; We inform our compatriots that the NLF are present and supported in every corner of Rwanda.

Long live Rwanda and the Rwandan people! Long live, the NLF determined to fly to the rescue of Rwanda!


Done in Nyamagabe, on 15th day of July, 2018

Maj. Callixte N. SANKARA, 2nd Vice President of the RMDC and the NLF Spokesperson
Twitter: @MUbumwe
Email: [email protected]