Rwanda: A notorious extremist appointed Minister of national unity

By Erasme Rugemintwaza

This evening of 31 Aug. 21, President Paul Kagame made a minor reshuffle of the government. Let’s take a look at two people, one joining the government while the other one is leaving.

Let’s start with Dr, Bizimana Jean Damascene. This senior politician joined the government as the Minister of the Ministry of National Unity and Civic Engagement. This is a new ministry that had created for a month but had not yet given authorities. The Ministry has merged three public institutions including the one led by this hardliner Tutsi, the CNLG. Although he has a very high profile and may be expert in his work, Dr, Bizimana Jean Damascene was not a favorite candidate nor a right man for this ministry dedicated to repairing the broken socio fabric of Rwanda. Dr. Bizimana Jean Damascene is known for his harsh words, shocking people and insulting them publicly, until he declares that all Hutu are murderers, and that for him, Inkotanyi are superior to God! This is the man who has the responsibility to reconcile Rwandans!

The other one is Johnston Busingye who was appointed the High Commissioner of Rwanda to the United Kingdom. Being an Ambassador is not a bad post especially for Johnston Busingye who was in a bad situation; he should have fun even dance! As a reminder, Johnston Busingye has been totally confused by the procedures of Rusesabagina’s prosecution, and he failed to keep his master Paul Kagame’s lie, claiming that Rusesabagina came in Rwanda on his own willing. Busingye finally admitted that Kagame’s government had hatched a plot to kidnap Rusesabagina. At this moment his friends shivered and foresee the Busingye’s career end, the other side mocked him! And not only this trial of Rusesabagina challenges, but the whole Rwandan justice system is rotten. To be ambassador after all this mess is like to go to the heaven! He will be sure once in UK!