Rwanda and DRC Presidents to Meet Under Angola’s Mediation

Luanda, March 11, 2024- Angolan External Relations Minister, Tete Antonio revealed plans for a forthcoming meeting between Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Félix Tshisekedi. The discussion, initiated by Angola’s involvement, sets an important stage for addressing long-standing tensions between Rwanda and the DRC. The exact time and venue for this critical engagement will be orchestrated by Angolan President João Lourenço, reflecting Angola’s mediatory role in regional affairs.

The announcement follows President Kagame’s visit to Luanda, Angola, on the same day, for a working visit at the Palácio da Cidade Alta. Hosted by President Lourenço, the meeting focused on the pressing security situation in the DRC. Both leaders concurred on vital steps to confront the root causes of conflict, underlining the importance of adhering to the frameworks established by the Luanda and Nairobi processes aimed at fostering peace and stability within the Great Lakes region.

This diplomatic effort is part of a continuum of engagements, notably President Lourenço’s discussion with President Tshisekedi on February 27, 2024, also in Luanda. These conversations echo the resolutions made during the African Union Summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on February 18, 2024, emphasizing a collective approach to peace and security challenges.

The scheduled meeting between Presidents Kagame and Tshisekedi marks a crucial step towards reconciliation and peacebuilding in a region marred by historical conflicts and political tensions. Angola’s proactive role in facilitating dialogue between Rwanda and the DRC underscores the importance of regional cooperation in achieving lasting peace. However, the effectiveness of these diplomatic endeavors will ultimately depend on the genuine commitment of all parties to address underlying issues and work collaboratively towards a peaceful coexistence.