Rwanda and Gambia Which Share Several Characteristics Just Parted Company

Rwanda and Gambia share several characteristics including the following four:

1) They are ruled by military strongmen who came out of uniform to become “civilian” heads of state;

2) The two dictators are bombastic about their capabilities and longevity in power – they believe they will rule forever;

3) They have been in power for same period – 22 years;

4) They rule countries where transfer of power is only achieved by brutality and violence since independence in the 1960s;

And then a miracle happens. The Gambian dictator suddenly loses elections and is ready to concede defeat peacefully. That is what just happened in Gambia.

Amazing! Incredible! History is full of surprises.

Who knows? As the Rwandan strongman prepares for life presidency, perhaps the old man called history may have a surprise for him, too

David Himbara


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