Rwanda: Arbitrary arrest of Gratian Nsabiyeremye, member of the Interim Executive Committee of FDU-Inkingi in charge of the youth

Rubavu: Arbitrary arrest of Gratian Nsabiyeremye, member of the Interim Executive Committee of FDU-Inkingi in charge of the youth, by the police on the grounds of threatening state security and rebellion.

Since yesterday evening around 21:00, the home of Gratien Nsabiyaremye, member of the interim Executive Committee (CEP) of FDU-INKINGI in charge of youth, was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers of the Rwandan Defense Forces.
They ordered him to open the door. Gratien Nsabiyaremye refused because no warrant of arrest was availed and he did not see what he had to do with the army. For record, in January 2012, Gratien Nsabiyaremye had been once again attacked by members of the Rwandan army navy stationed in Gisenyi, led by Captain Rutaburingoga, and he had on this occasion been savagely beaten.
After Gratien refused to open the door, the army decided to seal off his home. At daybreak, the neighbors rushed at his home to find out what was going on. There was such a big crowd that the army had to withdraw, leaving room for Rubavu police members who arrested him and took him to the police station for interrogation. According to our latest information, he was transferred to Gisenyi prison under the charges of rebellion and undermining the security of the State.
This new judicial circus can no longer hide the RPF regime agenda of intimidation against all party members.
As evidence, since 8 December 2012, the RPF Intore (party activists) kept asking Nsabiyeremye Gratien to leave the party FDU-INKINGI and join its ranks. They kept on trailing him up to his workplace at the Bumba School, Rusizi District. Gratian had declined the offer and told the RPF activists that it was his inalienable right to join the party of his choice, with which he shared ideals.
On February 28, 2013, the same Intore (RPF activists) who alleged to be coming straight from Kigali party headquarters, found him again at his school and asked him if he still maintained his position. He replied that he did not see why he would change his mind. They sternly warned him over the consequences of his decision. His arrest seems therefore to be a retaliation measure.
These acts of harassment and intimidation by the regime against members of the democratic opposition are taking alarming proportions, especially since President Paul Kagame called on the party strategists during a recent congress of the RPF to take appropriate measures to definitively counter the threats against the RPF.
Boniface Twagirimana
Interim Vice-President
boniface Twagirimana