Victoire Ingabire


This Saturday October 5, 2019, various newspapers including Kigali Today have reported the killing of 11 people and unknown number of injured in Kinigi and Burera, Northern Province.

As I have already called on Rwandans to hate and fight evil and to reject complacency in the face of evil, I would like to appeal once again to you to rise up and fight these killings. There is no reason whatsoever or excuse for depriving a Rwandan of his/her life.

I call once again on killers to return their swords in the scabbards. You cannot love your country while you are killing its people.

Our country went through a thick darkness. Fellow Rwandans, I invite you once again to work together to protect our country and to refrain from doing anything that can take us back to our tragic past. Our unity is our strength to defeat evil and to build a peaceful nation.

I convey my deep sympathy to the bereaved families. To the injured, I pray that they be strong and wish them quick recovery.

I know that we have security services known for their efficiency. I appeal to them to do everything possible to ensure that there is no more loss of life of Rwandans, because their mission is to protect all citizens.

Fellow Rwandans,

I continue to keep in mind that there is nothing impossible to achieve as Rwandans if we work together. Everyone should be conscious of their responsibility in building our country. Wherever you are, ask yourself about your role and what you are doing for your country.

Let us accept to live together in tolerance, mutual respect and in peace.

God bless Rwanda and Rwandans.

Done in Kigali on October 05, 2019

Victoire INGABIRE Umuhoza
President of FDU-INKINGI. 

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