Rwanda, Covid-19: another lunatic measure!

In Rwanda, wonders shall never end! During this time of COVID-19 and the lockdown measures decreeted by Kigali Government, another lunatic decision was made: an online teaching platform.  A wonderful idea, isn’t it? But something is rotten. Follow me!

Rwanda Education Board announces the setting up of an online learning initiative. However, the teaching platform requires other tools such as computers, tablets or smartphone; power and internet connection. All these are not available to rwandan students, especially in rural areas.

According to CIA Factbook about 3, 7 million people used internet in 2017, that is about 30% of the total population. By June 2019, internet subscriptions are said to be 6.2 millions representing 51.6% ( RURA 2018-2019 report). Knowing how the government uses cooked statistics, let us keep it as it is for now.  The most appaling is electricity availability. The number of customers with access to electricity is 951,613 (less than a million)  with an annual energy supply equivalent to 854,183.87 MWh (for home and industrial consumption).  One should recall that the total population is a little more than 12 millions!

rura trend

It is important to note that currently, based on REB statistics, Rwanda has more than 1 million enrolled students (secondary, vocational and tertiary schools).

What about computers, tablets and/ or smartphones? Here is what Rwandans have to say:


The government of Rwanda intends to impress the international community by putting in place far-fetched solutions which cannot fit into the national context. No machines, no electricity and no internet, yet you pretend to run an online teaching platform!

What’s a lunacy! Wonders shall never end.

Chaste Gahunde