Rwanda Day UK planned for May 18th in jeopardy

Scheduled to attend Rwanda Day UK on May 18th, immediately after another important engagement at the University of Oxford where he is meant to address the business community and receive another award, the Rwandan president Paul Kagame might have to be hosted in a different venue from the one initially thought of for that important celebration of the country’s achievements .

Reliable sources from the British police in London have however confirmed that the expected venue will have to change considered that the owner of the booked Business Design Centre in Islington has indicated not to be ready to host Rwanda Day.

This is what our informant has communicated,

“…we have just received notification that the Business Design Centre have declined to accept the booking for Rwanda Day, so this event will no longer be going ahead.”

With this information in mind, this understandably demands that organizers of Rwanda Day UK have to work fast and hard to find an alternative venue if the information received from the police is a hundred percent confirmed.

Those who were planning to attend Rwanda Day UK should continue registering so they don’t miss out in case a new venue is announced. However, as expected change about the Business Design Centre will somehow jeopardize their travelling plans.

It would be regrettable if Rwanda was unable to showcase and celebrate its achievements under the leadership of Paul Kagame.

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  1. Who can accept to host this evil kagame? Why don’t you celebrate this fuckin rw-day in Rwanda? It could take less fees and then support university students.

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