Rwanda fashion house founder arrested over document falsification and drug-related offenses

MOSHIONS fashion house founder, Turahirwa Moses, is facing several legal challenges. He has been arrested on April 27, 2023 and charged with falsifying documents, as well as using drugs. There is also a question about the authenticity of a passport image he posted on social media, which the immigration department denies issuing.

Additionally, Turahirwa has posted on social media asking for a general pardon for all young people in jail over drug-related offenses, citing his own use of medical marijuana for an undisclosed illness. It remains to be seen how his case will unfold, and whether he will be able to provide a defense against the charges he faces. Official statistics show that as of October 2022, some 25,167 people were in jail over different drug related cases. These attract between 20yrs and life in prison with up to Rwf 30m fine. However, country allows cultivation of industrial scale marijuana for export.

It’s worth noting that while the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) has confirmed that the passport image he posted was deliberately manipulated, the details of his alleged crime are not clear, and will only be revealed if he goes to trial. Overall, the situation appears to be complex and ongoing, and further developments may come to light in the future.