Rwanda: How state institutions are used to undermine democracy and abusing women.

Diane Shima Rwigara

_ Evening of Wednesday 4/5/2017 just 72 hours after Diane Shima Rwigara had publicly showed presidential interest group of state agents from different organs and journalists of Newtimes held a meeting in offices of Moris Murigo and among other senior police officers present was Basabose Denis.

_ They crafted crimes which should will be given to journalists who are willing to cover stories of Diane Rwigara and people who will sign for her on the list to be taken to Rwanda electoral commission.

_ The team of IT crafted the nude photos of Diane Rwigara and gave it to The newtimes journalist to spread it on social networks like whatsapp and Facebook.

_They called Kayitare Steven and gave him task of spreading rumors that the presidential candidate to be killed her own father on his Facebook wall.

  1. What direction Rwanda is taking in good governance if state institutions are for bad governance institutionalization?

I call them bad governance because whoever opposes President Kagame has to be given political crimes ranging from genocide related for hutus, while tutsis are given crimes related with undermining state security, working with foreign enemies or calling people to hate government.

_While we have new blood and the only woman in the presidential race our institutions have managed to craft her nicked photos to undermine her candidacy!!

The worst of this is damaged political image of Rwanda where she has been taken as the leader in women representation in government globally.

2. Who is happy to see mothers nicked done by the institutions that are supposed to be protecting them?

_ This is something to blame the authorities for, as the controllers of telecommunications such photos could not have been allowed but just because it was to harm presidential candidate to be it was blessed.

3. Who is safe in this land if all women who will have political ambitions will be treated in the same way?

No body is safe and what affects a mother affects a father and child we join our hands and voices this type of political assassination.

4. What would the incumbent have said if it was the daughter crafted nude due to her political dreams?

Mr President abuse of Rwigara Diane after showing her interest into your site is a sign that you are behind it till you justice is provided.

I request all Rwandans to stand with Diane Rwigara whose image is damaged by the state in defense of the weak and poor,those whose justice has been denied.

We stand with Rwigara Diane fight for democracy, peace, unity, development, dialogue, reconciliation, good relations, human rights respect, security, modern agriculture, education and good health policies.

Voting Diane Rwigara is securing peace and democracy at home.

Kayumba Rugema