Rwanda: ” If we are not careful the mad dog will bite all of us.”

By Gakwerere

As we go for our Sunday prayers, criminal Paul Kagame is scheming on daily basis how to kill those that he is supposed to protect. His mind is always preoccupied with evil. For example, the skinny dude is planning days and night to eliminate regional leaders like president Peter Nkurunziza just because in 2013 he walked out of a deal that Kagame had proposed him.

Kagame on daily basis is sending assassins in South Africa to track and eliminate Kayumba Nyamwasa, his external thugs have are always destabilising the peace of Rwandans in South Africa. The greatlakes region is flooded with his thugs hunting down different individuals from all walks of life.

In Junuary of 2001, President Kagame eliminated President Desire Kabila Senior, just because they fell out on DRC’s natural resources deals of which he had turned a source of income and made him wealth. In 2001, he went on to make three assassination attempts against the young Joseph Kabila who was by then protected by Angolan, Zimbabwean and Namibia forces.

We have to remember that President Kagame managed to get in power after shooting downing a plane carrying two presidents – the presidents of Burundi and Rwanda.;

In hot season of June and July 2000, during the Rwanda – Uganda wars in Kisangani, Rwanda’s criminal ruler made five attempts to eliminate his former mentor president Museveni of Uganda, for merely disagreeing on DRC strategy.

In his own words, president Museveni referred criminal Paul Kagame as a “mad dog’’! In his words ” If we are not careful the mad dog will bite all of us.” President Museveni knows very well that Kagame is a deranged character, he lives with regrets for having imposed criminal Paul Kagame on top RPA/RPF, president Museveni was duped by the major Kagame after the assassination of Gen Fred Rwigema, and the wrong officers where killed for Afande Fred’s assassination while the real culprits were elevated into leading the RPA/RPF.

When talking or writing about Criminal Paul Kagame’s crimes, the realisation is continuous because his crimes are on going. His crimes keep on rolling 24/7, until a day Rwandans will shut his evil crime reality down and this is soon.

Folks, have a great praying Sunday and God bless you all. My heart goes to all those prisoners of conscious.