Rwanda Internet Rollout Growing Digital Entertainment

Rwanda tends to struggle when it comes to internet connectivity, currently rated 175th out of 214 countries and territories in terms of overall online participation. Recent investment both within the nation and Africa’s overall connectivity as a whole is looking to change this reality, however. Though growth in internet availability will support development in many educational and employment opportunities, one of the most immediately appreciable outcomes will come from more options for entertainment. Taking a look at online casino gaming as a baseline, we want to explore what these new investments could bring, and why Rwandans should look forward to what comes next.

Online Casinos as the Opener

Online casinos are some of the most popular forms of contemporary digital entertainment, having seen rapid evolution in their short time in the entertainment sphere. This can be seen at an online casino in the UK, where players are given access to hundreds of classic and new casino titles. Including slots, blackjack, roulette, live games, and much more, low-demand entertainment systems such as these illustrate a strong example of new opportunities available for online newcomers.

The reason we’ve focussed on these online casinos is twofold; because of how little data they require, and how simple the systems are to engage with. Since the first form that the internet takes in a country tends to be slow, it would be unrealistic to expect new surfers to jump into something like data-expensive 4k streaming. For these reasons, online casinos could prove a common first step on a much wider online journey.

Rwanda’s Growth

Of the 13.1 million people in Rwanda, around 4.1 million are internet users, or about 31%. This leaves significant untapped potential to be explored, especially in entry-level and low-cost systems like entertainment. As of late 2021, internet availability has been seen substantial recent growth, with the total number of internet users growing by 806,000 people between 2020 and 2021.

On a multinational scale, it’s been developments like Liquid Telecom’s recent expansion that have seen profound benefits to Africa’s connectivity. With more than 70,000 km of fiber installed by this company across Africa already, such installations essentially create a data highway between African nations and the wider world.

Internally, the Rwandan government has installed over 5,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable through the nation over the last decade. Bolstered further by launching highspeed 4G mobile connection points, work has already created a situation where cheaper and more available online access is inevitable.

Coming Soon?

As for when local internet could arrive in your area, that much is still in question. While it’s likely that larger cities will be the first to be hooked into the improved infrastructure, there are also considerations like geography to keep in mind. At least, regardless of cabled connections, the improved mobile internet coverage that results from broader internet rollout shouldn’t be too far away.

Whether you’re interested in online casino gaming, or just checking out something like YouTube, there’s little doubt that your opportunities will expand sometime within the next few years. Just remember to shop around carefully for options, and to check your provider every six months for cheaper plans. Even if you live in a more rural area, faster internet could be just a short while away.