Rwanda: Kagame confessed to the assassination of Seth Sendashonga

Seth Sendashonga

On March 9, 2019 in front of his entire nomenklatura, 21 years after the assassination of the late opposition leader Seth Sendashonga killed in Nairobi on May 16, 1998, President Kagame has just confessed to the political murder and expressed fresh death threats towards his key opponents. It was not the first time the tyrant is bragging about his own reasons to kill his opponents.

He said that the kiss of death was decided after he knew of a meeting between late Sendashonga with President Museveni’s brother General Caleb Akandwanaho in Nairobi. He acknowledged the facts in these terms: “Seth Sendashonga died because he has crossed the line and am not apologetic”. But he did not mention that, even two years before, his first hitman, an Embassy staff Francis Mugabo, missed the head and shot him in the shoulder almost at close range on 26 February 1996.

The fact that Kagame continues to claim, without accountability, some of his political assassinations shows his arrogance towards the Rwandan society as well as the international community which continues to shine with its inaction towards the Rwandan genocide, war crimes, massacres and assassinations of opponents. This passivity will further plunge the country into bloodshed. Kagame is visibly haunted by the memories of the slayings. That he is increasingly haunted by the blood he poured is in itself a commonplace for all notorious criminals who end up being caught up by the history.

We very seriously consider the death threats towards the opposition leaders and take this opportunity to express again our disappointment at the indolence of the international community in relation to crimes committed by General Paul Kagame and his entourage.

ISHAKWE-Rwanda Freedom Movement
Secretary general
Sixbert Musangamfura