Rwanda National Congress strongly condemns harassments and abuses against the family of the late Rwigara Assinapol.

Six months ago, right after Rwigara Assinapol was killed, the Rwandan government, without investigation quickly declared that Rwigara died in a fatal car crash and that the killer was traumatized, and in police custody. After the media and the family of Rwigara raised doubts about Rwigara’s death, the government chose to remain mum on the matter; instead the family was harassed to the extent that the government ordered the family to demolish their own properties. This outrageous decision provoked public and media outcry, which caused the government to take the retaliatory act to arrest Rwigara’s widow on Friday August 7th, 2015.

The harassment and ill treatment against Rwigara’s family is an example and evidence of the abuse directed towards many Rwandan people, but the majority of them has limited and restricted means, or has no access to advocates; as a result most incidents go unnoticed.

Rwanda National Congress reminds the government of Rwanda that these acts of intimidation and abuses against its own people do nothing but to give us more reasons to fight for the Rwandan people. Rwanda National Congress takes this opportunity to remind Rwandans that we will continue to fight for Rwanda People’s rights until we are all free from RPF dictatorship.

We take this opportunity to salute Mrs Rwigara’s heroism to stand up for her rights and denounce government actions taken in attempt to illegally cease her family properties. We also remind Rwandans in general that the time to rise is now, because we cannot wait until there is no one is left to speak out.

Turayishimye Jean Paul

Rwanda National Congress,

Spokesperson; Tel: 15083358771