Rwanda National Congress (RNC) denies once again the links with FDLR


PRESS STATEMENT, January 28, 2019

Rwanda National Congress (RNC) denies once again the allegations that we have links with FDLR and that we are planning to attack Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In a letter addressed to the Representative of Monusco, The DRC Minister for Defense sought support of Monusco to intercept FDLR forces moving from North Kivu to South Kivu to join forces with General Kayumba in order to attack Rwanda.

RNC would like to say that, first of all, we have no links with the said FDLR or any armed group the minister is referring to. Secondly, neither RNC nor General Kayumba has any intention to attack Rwanda.

RNC believes that this continuing smear campaign originates from Kigali’s government in attempt to justify its narrative that RNC is a terrorist organization. We also believe that, by tirelessly continuing this narrative, Kigali is hoping that may be, some international organizations will buy the Kigali version of account, therefore distracting the International Community from our request to negotiate with Kigali regarding fundamental issues facing our nation, Rwanda. It is unfortunate that, the Government of Congo (DRC) through its minister of defense fell into this trap. The timing of the statement, however, did not surprise us given the visit by a high Congolese delegation to Kigali right before the inauguration of a new Congo president.

RNC is a nonviolent organization that seeks political change in Rwanda through dialogue and other peaceful means.

RNC will not be intimidated in any ways in our campaign to advocate for Rwandan people’s right, and we ask support of all Rwandans and the international community to mobilize and condemn the oppressive and totalitarian regime led by President Kagame.

Jean Paul Turayishimye
Spokesperson, RNC
Tel/WhatsApp: 1508.335.8771
Email:[email protected]