Rwanda national Congress (RNC) Statement in response to the Government of Rwanda’s intent to Indict RNC members.

November 5, 2018

Rwanda National Congress condemns the cheap move by the Government of Rwanda announced on Monday November 05, 2018 through its controlled newspapers. In its moves the Government of Rwanda is attempting to seek extradition of Rwanda National Congress members from South Africa for alleged crimes committed in the year 2013, of which the government have tried and convicted the accused. It should also be noted that, those accused and convicted did not have a fair trial. 

Rwanda National Congress has no doubt, that this move is a retaliation by the Government of Rwanda, triggered by the recent development of the South African Prosecutor to bring to justice the murderers of Col. Patrick Karegeya, and another attempt to silence the opposition.

Rwanda National Congress would like to remind the Government of Rwanda that we will not be intimidated by frivolous indictments and remain committed to bring very much needed peaceful and democratic changes to our Country. 

Turayishimye Jean Paul

Rwanda National Congress,


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