On July 2, 2023, President Paul Kagame delivered a speech, which not only shamelessly distorts historical facts, but also constitutes a call for violence and the perpetuation of the tragedies that have bereaved Rwanda.

Indeed, in the speech, President Kagame declared that Rwanda has existed as a country only since the beginning of the current regime on July 4, 1994. He also claimed that the history of Rwanda is written in blood and should not in no way be erased by history written in ink. By way of conclusion to this diabolic assertion, he invited the Rwandan youth to do everything possible to preserve this history written in blood and not to accept that it be replaced by that written in ink.

Rwanda National Congress considers that these remarks of President Kagame are very reprehensible and strongly denounces them. Reducing the many centuries of existence of Rwanda to only the period of his regime is a matter of megalomania and the contempt of all the generations of men and women who built the country. Likewise, recommending to the Rwandan people who have suffered so much from fratricidal conflicts to continue to write their history in violence constitutes irrefutable proof that, under the regime of President Kagame, Rwanda and the entire African Great Lakes region will never have peace.

President Kagame’s speech actually reflects the accuracy and veracity of the many reports denouncing his gross violations of human rights, as well as the enormous pressure coming from all sides demanding that he opens up political space. His speech is also an expression of fear of his failure to mobilize the Rwandan population to support his war of aggression he has waged against the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwanda National Congress wishes to point out to President Kagame that Rwanda existed before his regime, and it will continue to exist after him. It is futile to strive to deny this reality. Furthermore, Rwanda National Congress would wish to point to President Kagame that, contrary to his deplorable recommendations for the future, the Rwandan people ardently aspire to a lasting peace in their own country and with neighboring countries. Thousands of men and women are working tirelessly to put an end to his repressive regime and write the pages of the future in ink anchored in peace, unity and freedom.

Rwanda National Congress sincerely thanks the members of the international community who have grown in numbers in condemning the dictatorial excesses experienced by the people under the President Kagame regime and the warmongering adventures in the region especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We invite the International community to support the Rwandan people in their peaceful struggle for the establishment of rule of law in Rwanda.

Washington D.C., July 11, 2023

Jerome NAYIGIZIKI, Coordinator