Justin Bahunga, Commissioner for External Relations and spokesperson-FDU-Inkingi
We have learnt from reliable sources that a nephew of Miss Leonille Gasengayire, Mr Theoneste Dusengimana of Kivumu sector, Rutsiro district was arrested yesterday and taken to Kivumu police station. He is waiting to be transferred to Kayove Police station. We are afraid that the witch hunt may extend to all relatives and friends of the FDU-Inkingi leaders who have been arrested and call for all peace-loving people and organisation to condemn this dangerous trend. 
The current arrest of a relative of Ms Gisengayire, seems to be aimed at breaking the back of those who resist being packed in the ruling party RPF bandwagon. We know that locking up relatives and friends of dissidents is common in all totalitarian regimes to extract confessions for trumped crimes and justify execution.
We would to recall that this is the fourth time that Miss Leonille Gasengayire has been arrested and detained on politically motivated charges; Each time was asked by her jailors to abandon FDU-Inkingi Party.
Miss Leonille Gasengayire symbol of youth defiance to social engineering
  1. In September 2012, she was arrested when she was found having a meal in a restaurant with the Secretary General of FDU-Inkingi Sylvain Sibomana and friends. She was given a 2-year jail sentence that interrupted her completion of secondary education.
  2. On the 26/03/2016, she was kidnapped from the compound of Kigali prison because she was taking food to political prisoner Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.
  3. On the 23/08/2016 she was arrested in her home village where she has gone to visit parents. She was accused of inciting population against government policy because, when she arrived there, residents were protesting unfair compensation for their confiscated land. At the time of release in March 2017 she has already missed the academic year 2016/2017.
  4. On the 6th of September 2017, latest arrest she was found at FDU-Inkingi head office. Once again, she is likely to miss her academic year 2017/2018.
As if this was not enough, the repressive regime has raised the stakes by arresting her nephew.
We are afraid that the young Theoneste Dusengimana could be subjected to torture to force to make false accusation against aunt. We call on all peace-loving people to ensure that he is treated according to the law and that minimum standards about the treatment of detainees are enforced.
Done in London September 14, 2017
Justin Bahunga
Commissioner for External Relations and spokesman for the FDU-Inkingi