Rwanda: President Kagame to reshuffle the cabinet

KIGALI-Rwanda-Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame is set to reshuffle the cabinet any time after Rwanda-day in Boston USA trip, Great Lakes Voice has been told.

Sources in the office of the President, has intimated to Great Lakes Voice that Kagame is to reshuffle his cabinet. Without official communiqué, no details have been provided yet, but Security Minister, Musa Fazil Harerimana is currently signing to all official documents of the Ministry of Public Service and Labor Ministry and yet remains the Security Minister.

“It’s under the prerogative of the president of the republic; he can reshuffle any time he wants. But I am not aware of the reshuffle speculations,” said Protais Musoni, the Minister for Cabinet affairs

In the same circumstances, Protais Musoni, the Minister in the Prime Ministers’ office for Cabinet affairs is also currently signing for the Minister of gender and family promotion (MIGEPROF) which is also under Prime Minister’s office.

On the phone interview, Musoni defended the takeover of the ministries as a move to provide political guidance in the absence of other ministers.

“Principals that guide the cabinet, when there is one Minister absent, the Prime minister has the authority to assign any Minister to temporary provide political leadership,” Musoni added.

“Aloysia Inyumba of gender and family promotion is currently sick, Anastase Murekezi of Labor is also on sick leave, and he will be back on Saturday. Minister Inyumba is also coming back from her medical leave soon” Musoni said.

However, sources claim that President Kagame has a plan to drop several cabinet ministers and surprise many with new appointments.

Great Lakes Voice