Justin Bahunga, Commissioner for External Relations and spokesperson-FDU-Inkingi


The FDU-Inkingi have learnt with shock and deep concern of the arrest and detention of the wife of political prisoner Evode Mbarushimana, Mrs Francine Mukandutiye and their nine-month-old baby, his sister as well his mother in law, Mrs Liberta Uwihoreye. The baby, wife and mother in law were picked in the early afternoon of Wednesday 20th June 2018 as they left Mageragere prison, after a visit to Mbarushimana. The prison is around the Rwandan capital Kigali. The sister of Mbarushimana was also picked from her brother’s home in Gitarama today the June 22, 2018.

No relative or friend were informed of their arrest on the 20th of June 2018, as provided by the law, until they called the following day June 21, 2018 from Nyabugogo public park where they were dropped by the Police to return home in Gitarama. They were unaware of the cynicism of the Rwandan Police which had alerted their colleagues to arrest them as they alighted from the bus to get home. They were picked and taken to the police station of Muhanga where they were joined by the sister of Evode Mbarushimana.

We would like to recall that the shock of the arrest of Evode Mbarushimana induced his wife into early labour and was rushed to hospital as the husband was being taken away by the Police. The baby is now prisoner with her mum, grandmother and auntie in the Rwandan prison that the US Human rights report 2017, describe as “harsh and life-threatening prison and detention center conditions”. We are still waiting not likely to hear the voice of the Rwandan women parliamentarian, defending the rights of this baby.

We have no doubt in our mind that this heinous act of arrest, physical and mental torture of close relatives of political prisoners is part of a Machiavellian strategy to bring political prisoners to come to their knees.

We appeal to human rights organisations, all peace-loving people and particularly the financial backers of the Rwandan repressive regime to put pressure on President Kagame to get the release of these innocent people. By continuing aid without conditions, donors are allowing President Kagame to save money to spend on his repressive machinery. They are indirectly aiding violence.

Done in London, on June 22, 2018.

Justin Bahunga,

FDU-Inkingi Commissioner for External Relations and spokesperson.

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