Rwanda: Respect should be earned through personal integrity and humility.

I am always asked by different sources as to why I don’t usually respect criminal Paul Kagame or his presidency. Respect is a deep feeling of admiration for someone; respect is an aspect of having great esteem, regard or recognition of someone. And I don’t have none of the noted dimensions towards Paul Kagame.

However, he has certain negative traits that you have to notice and be cautious about. For example, he is the master of assassination, an art which he has mastered since 1978. He is a professor of political intrigue; just imagine a senior 5 dropout rising to the highest office in the land.

As he once said, “the educated have the highest proportion of idiots. They don’t reason beyond the tie they are wearing. Ni injiji zuzuye, wajinga sana (they are pure ignorant and stupid).” To him, intrigue is the highest qualification of intellectualism. On his way to the highest office, he was able to manipulate and outplay the more educated cadres within the RPF/RPA. He was able to reward these naïve batch of RPF/RPA intellectuals the ultimate gift, the gift of death. Those few RPF historical intellectuals who are still alive, they are in agatebe (jobless), living in oblivion, destitution, in shameful condition of poverty and regretting in different corners of Kigali with limited rights of movement since they are not allowed to have a passport without the chief criminal’s approval.

Deception is another trait that define Rwanda’s criminal ruler. For example he has managed to fool unsuspected souls that Rwanda has recorded the highest economic growth in Africa for the last 20 years, averaging 7% per annum. Ask any Rwandan what Rwanda exports; everyone will eat his/her tongue. Ask any Kagamist vuvuzela the sector(s) which has supported this magical economic growth, they will all sound dump. He has fraudulently presented his personal wealth around Kigali, as a sign of economic growth.

In one of his economic deception, last year in September, Rwanda’s junta presented two Airbus A330 planes as new acquisitions of Rwanda airline, few months along the line, his newly appointed Chief Executive of Rwanda airline – Col. Chance Ndagano came out to tell Rwandans that most of the planes under Rwanda airline logo are hired planes, including the Airbus A330. He came short of telling Rwandans which company does Rwanda airline hires those planes from! The real name of the hiring company! Those planes are owned by criminal Paul Kagame’s consortium company – Crystal venture and Rwanda airlines hires them from crystal Ventures.

Since its public Relations rejuvenation, Rwanda airline has been making losses due to scrupulous beneficiaries, the chief being – Paul Kagame. Unfortunately, ignorant apologists will point Rwanda airline as a sign of economic progress ushered in by Kagame. It is only in Rwanda, where blind phantasies will chastise a loss making venture or organisation as a sign of economic progress.

Since 2015, on different occasions, Rwanda’s junta told anyone who still believe in his crap that, he would relinquish power and step down in 2017. His trade mark phrase was, “look at me, do I look like someone who wants a third term.” Obviously you need it and you know that! Without presidential immunity maximum prison would be your residential address. On deferent forums, he enjoyed pointing out that, “Come 2017, I will be running my private life, doing things that I have always wished to do and have more time with my family. By 2017, if the RPF doesn’t have a successor I will have failed.” All along, naïve souls believed this man’s foolery.

Now, 2017, the dude is going to stand in this year’s scam election and the RPF didn’t get his successor. From his own accounts, we should now consider him as a failure. On 24/07/17, just a week ago, he told the RPF faithful and Rwandans in general, that the next 7 years will be his last. Trust his words at your own peril. Does anyone have to respect such Public official who utters untruth knowingly?

As Alexander Pushkin noted in one of his literally work on Russian bourgeois, “having a crown shouldn’t automatically earn you respect. Respect should be earned through personal integrity and humility.” In case of Rwanda’s criminal ruler, those behavioural aspects are foreign in his DNA or norms. A thug or a crook shouldn’t be respected because he or she has the crown, especially a crown obtained and sustained through the spill of innocent blood.