We Rwandan people have suffered more than enough under the wrath of the serial killer Paul Kagame. We have so much cried to whoever could have power and means to come to our aid. If there is anyone who has not heard our cry up to now in our suffering, then that person will never hear us no matter how we will cry. Paul Kagame himself in his speech said that when you chase for so long and too much an animal and you don’t want to give it peace, then one time that same animal will reach a wall as you will be chasing after it, and then it will no longer be able to go through it in order to escape from you and then it will be forced to stop and stand up now face you, so that it can show you that it also needs to live by defending itself against you cruelty. It has to fight you too so that it can really prove to you that you too are nothing before other creatures like that animal. And Kagame Paul said this knowing very well what he does to people of Rwanda in terms of violating their human rights over the period of so many years.

Rwandan people have now reached the wall that Paul Kagame was talking about. This is where we are as people of Rwanda now, standing like helpless and desperate again! We can never go through the wall now. We need to stand strong too to show Paul Kagame that he has blood like all us too. Paul Kagame has spared nothing to kill Rwandan people. So many human lives have been lost and So many reports have been written about his crimes against us human beings but he has been always turning them down as to be too ridiculous to listen to them. He does not pay attention to them saying that he hears them always, so they mean nothing for him. Paul Kagame behaves as if He has finally surpassed now everybody. All other criminal are arrested and judged but Paul Kagame operates as if he has won and he controls over the whole world. He acts as if he is now above the law, both international and national. But now it is my strong appeal to the people of Rwanda that since we have cried too much and so loudly and our voices have been or have not been heard by those around us and far away, it is our time now to stand up for our rights. It is a time to liberate ourselves by all means that we judge possible.

This is really a period of “die hard” and a period of “do or die.” Now where things are for us in Rwanda, it is either we stand and defend ourselves, I mean we whom Kagame has not yet managed to kill up to now, so that we protect ourselves, or we give up so that we can allow him to continue killing us until he will finish us one by one like rats, because he does not get tired of killing and he has never been satisfied in his assassinations. If there is no one who has not seen, read or heard how Rwanda people have suffered then that person does not want to see it and we have nothing to do with him or her, but only to stand up as one just like other countries have done it in the history of the world and in Africa as well, like, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Egypt,… in order to liberate ourselves by all means.

We all know well that Paul Kagame is now running Rwanda illegally and unfit-tingly. He has acted against the law and the constitution of Rwanda. He has acted against the democratic culture and values and he has cheated and lied too much. Kagame is also not fit physically and mental to continue running Rwanda. We need just to see to it each on us acts according in any way possible in order to liberate ourselves. So it is now time to accept to “do or die” for us in defending our human right against the killer Paul Kagame.

We all know that Kagame Paul has some big anti- peace and anti- life people like Tony Blair of UK, Andrew Mitchel of UK, Bill Clinton of USA, Pastor Rick Warren of USA, Andrew Mwenda of Uganda,…who support him in his terrorism against the Rwandan people and they will never stop that, because he has employed them at the expense of the majority poor people of Rwanda. These people are surely his workers. So they will never give up their salaries. So it is up to us too to be very strong in our struggle, because liberation is not easy at all. But definitely it is possible. I appeal to those loving peace and democracy people to stand on our side in order to achieve true liberation in Rwanda.

Enough is enough! Kagame Paul must leave us in peace!

Amani Mahoro Peace