Dear Sir, I write to draw your attention to an urgent matter, namely, our country’s social security fund.

Your Excellency, as I am now approaching retirement, I am attempting to establish the state of our social security fund. As old age sets in Sir, I find I am suddenly very interested not ony in pension payouts, but also on the portfolios in which my money is invested.

Sir, the small matter I am raising and pray for your intervention, is that almost all basic information is not available on the website of Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB). Most embarrassingly, Excellency, it is stated on the website that our investments, assets, revenues, expenditure and income obtained from the different ventures are available. It is further state that RSSB “believes in transparency,” and that this why they “want to share our investment portfolio” with us their clients. But Sir, there is no information on any aspect of our money. RSSB’s definition of transparency seems to be that “they are so transparent that there is nothing to see.”

Your Excellency, knowing how you value your clean record of zero tolerance for corruption, you need to deal with these RSSB bureaucrats whose actions may tarnish your good name. You see Sir, some evil-minded people might conclude that part of the reason all data is missing from RSSB website is because the agency is protecting higher authorities who have abused our social security money.
I even heard somebody name you as the main culprit – God forbid Sir!

To make matters worse, Your Excellency, when we visit the website of the National Social Security Fund in our neighbouring sister Republic of Uganda, all the data is displayed. And you know how very corrupt these people are Sir. This comparison paints us, Mr President, in very bad light. People will begin to say that our Government is hiding things and is therefore more corrupt than even Uganda’s. Can you imagine that Sir?

In conclusion, Your Excellency, let me advise you to advise or rather order the RSSB to quickly put data on its website. It does not matter if the data is fake Sir. RSSB is also welcome to lie to us that the reason the data was previously missing was due to server-breakdown. This way Sir your legendary moral reputation will remain intact, and we will outshine the Ugandans again in good governance.

In the end, as a patriotic Rwandan, I care more about your reputation Sir than even receiving my pension. Where would we be without you Sir?

I remain your most humble servant.

Karoli Mutarambirwa