Press release n °: 019 / 2019-12-14

The MRCD-Ubumwe, a platform bringing together four opposition parties, notes with regret the resurgence of terrorist attacks as a method of state. As the last illustration of the phenomenon, we can cite the grenade attack in the sector of Bugarama, district of Rusizi in the Western Province, in the night of 10-11 December 2019, an act that the Kagame regime rushed to attribute to the National Liberation Forces (FLN).

As the MRCD-Ubumwe and our military wing – the FLN – we categorically reject all responsibility for this attack and draw everyone’s attention to the terrorist nature of the Kagame-RPF system that prevails in Rwanda. Indeed, organized crime in general and the terrorist attack in particular have always been a privileged means for Kagame and his group in their politics. Below is a list of some cases of high perfidy that General Paul Kagame and his companions took, systematically attributing them to their adversaries:

  • The massacres of Tutsi Bagogwe in 1991;
  • The fatal explosions of grenades in individual homes, in public transport vehicles, in bus and taxi stations and in drinking places in the city of Kigali and across the country in 1992 – 1994
  • The creation of a terrorist brigade in Rwanda, when Rwanda had just signed an inclusive peace agreement in Arusha on August 4th,1993.Kagame dreaming of an undivided power, set up the said brigade to create chaos and easily take over the country, which the experts called “worst political”;
  • The targeted assassinations of political figures in opposition to the regime of the late President Juvenal HABYARIMANA;
  • The assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye of Burundi on October 20th, 1993;
  • The attack of April 6th, 1994, detonator of the genocide. There is irrefutable evidence that this highly suicidal act for the nation was perpetrated by Paul Kagame who hurried to attribute it to the “extremists” in the entourage of President Habyarimana. General Paul Kagame himself admitted, on December 7th , 2007, that he murdered President Juvenal Habyarimana, in an interview with journalist STEPHEN SACKUR from the BBC’s Hard Talk program;
  • The assassination of Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi on April 6th,1994;
  • The assassination in Kenya of Seth Sendashonga, former Minister of Home Affairs under the Kagame government, in 1998. Paul Kagame confessed recently on March 9th , 2019.
  • The assassination of President Laurent Désiré Kabila of the DRC on January 16th,  2001;

All these acts have been attributed to victims while emanating from the state crime organized by Paul Kagame;

  • Today, evidence exists that Kagame killing groups have infiltrated the Interahamwe militia since their creation, in order to accelerate the massacres of Tutsi. Again, these killings were attributed to the then ruling party, the “National Revolutionary Movement for Development” (MRND). 

The alleged grenade attack of 10-11 December 2019 in Bugarama falls within the same register of acts disturbing peace and security that the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) poses with a triple objective: 

  1. First, Kagame regime wants to terrorize citizens and keep them quiet for the long term; 
  2. Second, the government wants to give itself a semblance of efficiency in the face of insecurity. In the present case, a meeting of the population took place the same night led by civilian and military authorities; 
  3. Thirdly, the Kagame regime finds a pretext to carry out a purge within the population where the “opponents”, real or supposed, are arrested and separated from the population, before being used in the laying of accusations against the leaders of the MRCD-FLN.

Finally, the MRCD-Ubumwe denounces the current disinformation in the Kagame state-sponsored media, where reports about the dismantling of the FLN by the FARDC  (Congolese soldiers) are spread all over. First, it is not the Congolese army which attacked and bombed, since November 25th, 2019, the Rwandan refugee camps in South Kivu, but indeed the RDF (Rwandan soldiers) of Kagame disguised as Congolese soldiers. It should also be noted that the struggle of the FLN takes place inside Rwanda from their main bases in south-west Rwanda and that the current  Kagame’s RDF attacks in Congo have sacrificed defenseless refugees. The fight of the FLN is supported by an immense disillusioned Rwandan youth and this noble fight continues and will intensify.

Done in Brussels, December 14th, 2019

For the MRCD-Ubumwe, the College of Presidents:

Wilson IRATEGEKA, President in office

Paul RUSESABAGINA, Vice-President

Kassim BUTOYI, Vice-President

Faustin TWAGIRAMUNGU, Vice-President and Spokesperson