Rwanda: The house of Diane Rwigara’s assistant demolished!

Norbert Muhire with Diane Rwigara during the announcement of the candidacy of Diane Rwigara to the Presidential Elections last August

By Frank Steven Ruta

His name is Norbert Muhire and was the assistant of Diane Shima Rwigara, now Norbert and his girl friend Cynthia Mumporeze are targeted by the political brutality of General Paul Kagame’s regime. His house was demolished last Saturday 14.10.2017 around 15.00 by local authorities of Rusororo a suburb of Kigali.

After the demolition of the house, they even carried away doors, windows and the sheets of the roof!

Paul Kagame finally joins his words to deeds. After Kagame’s assassination of Colonel Patrick Karegeya in South Africa, Paul Kagame said, “No one can betray Rwanda and leave unharmed.”

This young man was very visible during the announcement by Diane Rwigara Shima of his intention to run for the presidential elections and severely criticized the Kagame regime which is an act of war because criticize Kagame is synonymous of being the enemy of Rwanda according to the Kagame regime.

Obviously demolition of properties has become a kind of weapon to punish anyone who dares to speak openly. The Rwigara family hotel was also demolished to punish the family for having dared to say that Assinapol Rwigara was murdered!