Rwanda: The saga of the convictions of our political leaders continue

On Monday, January 14, 2014, the High Court of Karongi sentenced to 6 years in prison, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, Secretary General of FDU-INKINGI and Mr. Anselme Mutuyimana. Their crime: having held an unauthorized meeting with the party’s grassroots activists to spread rumors and stir up civil disobedience to the Kigali regime. This sentence follows the previous one where Mr. Sylvain Sibomana was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

On his return from Karongi to Kigali Maximum Security Prison after the verdict, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana found that all of his belongings, to include his bed sets, had been removed. He was immediately thrown in a solitary confinement in the greatest destitution.

The party FDU- INKINGI demands the immediate and unconditional relaxation of its imprisoned members whose only crime is to have exercised their right of association by joining a political party of their choice.

The party FDU- INKINGI calls upon the international community, particularly the countries that support the regime, to pressure the Rwandan regime for the release of all political prisoners.

Boniface Twagirimana
Interim Vice-President