Rwanda:Kigali City Authority demolishes Late Rwigara’s Hotel

Kigali-Rwanda-With tight security, roadblocks sealed the street where the building located, denying access to everybody including journalists, Kigali City administration today used bulldozer to demolish Late Assinapol Rwigara’s Premiere Hotel located in Nyarugenge district, Kigali.

City officials say the Hotel was built without permit and therefore had every right to demolish it. The building, city authorities argue the structure was not safe and could have caused problems.

When contacted, Kigali City Mayor, Fidele Ndayisaba told the media that urban experts report shows that the building could cause harm to city dwellers.

“It’s about illegal constructions and serious problem of safety due to lack of stability as a result of structural audit,” Ndayisaba said.

Armed police officers sealing the street prohibited Great Lakes Voice reporter access to the hotel premise which was being destroyed.

Police spokesperson could not pick his phone to explain why media access was restricted.

Speaking to Aristide Rwigara, the son of late Rwigara, the proprietor of the hotel said that despite the fact that family holds the permits that were required to build our hotel, the city of Kigali disregarded it and destroyed “our building on September 12, 2015.”

on 14th July,2015 in a letter signed by Fidel Ndayisaba, Mayor of Kigali city proves, asks Rwigara’s family to pay St Joseph Engineering Company 7,041,250 frw at Ecobank account, and to collapse the two parts (A&B) of this building by 15th August 2015.

“Our family had attempted to meet with the city’s decision makers to resolve the situation, but we were turned down. We tried to prevent the destruction through judiciary processes as well, but we were forbidden from filing a case and exercising our legal rights.

Ndayisaba say the hotel had two extra buildings which will be demolished. Eye witness say by press time that Kigali City have ceased demolition exercise and they will resume tomorrow.

inzu ya RwigaraRwigara’s son alleges persecution

“In addition to demolishing our hotel, they have also dispossessed us of all the land our father left us,” said Rwigara’s son, adding that given that the city of Kigali is unmoved by the stark victimization of our family, and seems at ease inhabiting the role of bully in the public’s consciousness, our family wants to use this forum to ask publicly the following question”

Wwhat crime have we committed that we should be punished so mercilessly and with such ruthless determination?

Our father was assassinated in a gruesome manner, and his children are now being made to endure the same persecutions he experienced for many years prior to his death. What has our family done to be targeted so relentlessly?

Our father had absolutely no link with any opposition party, and neither do we. So why are we treated like enemies?

Who are these people who do not mind entering the annals of Rwanda as oppressors of a widow and her orphans? And who are the veritable originators of these orders, using the city of Kigali to annihilate us?

Business Tycoon Rwigara Assinapol died on 4th February 2015 in car crash accident at Akabuga ka Nyarutarama road in Gasabo according to the official police narrative, but the family and eye witness insist it was assassination.

Source: Great Lakes Voice