Pretoria – A Rwandan diplomat in Pretoria, South Africa has been exposed for his criminal activities against members of the Diaspora who are critics of the ruling regime in Rwanda specifically those belonging to Rwanda National Congress (RNC) ,a yet to be registered political part operating outside Rwanda.

The diplomat, Didier Rutembasa, who is under constant surveillance from the South African Intelligence officers, is known for his role in terrorizing Rwandan refugees as well as his involvement in a recent assassination attempt on Frank Ntwali, chairman of RNC in Africa.

while RNC members celebrated two years of its existence by staging a picket at the Rwandan Embassy in Pretoria denouncing the regime’s ongoing suppression of human rights, freedom of speech , Rwanda’s support to the rebel movement M23 in Congo, Didier Rutembesa hired and equipped a Congolese refugee whose Identity is withheld for security reasons, with a recording equipments to spy on Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa as well as protesters who were present during the picket.

Fearing for his life, the Congolese refugee decided to seek for protection and handed over all incriminating evidence (recording machine, emails between him and the diplomat) to the lawyers who in return contacted the intelligence officers. Meanwhile they are waiting to official lodge a court case. In an email exchange between the two men it reads as follows “The reason why it is only today that I denounce you is the fact that I needed some time to gather information and evidences, in addition to the death threat that you did to me 3 days ago(our telephone conversation the 21st January 2013 at 2:44pm)”.

“I request to my lawyer reading this in CC to open a case at the justice for: intimidation, manipulation and exposure to the risk”.

After several failed attempts to have the South African authorities stop from issuing permission to the members of RNC, Didier sort to use Congolese refugees to disrupt the picketing but it backfired when Congolese joined-hands with fellow refugees . “For your information, that money allowed those Congolese to pay their transport in order to join RCN in their claim because the claim of these ones was loyal and of common interest”.

Our attempts to contact the lawyers for the Congolese refugee was unsuccessful.
JD Mwiseneza


  1. Ko afite isesemi yendakuruka se niki kimunukira?????????????
    Ariko inkunguzi nubuyobozi bwinkora mahano bagira ibyabo nkuyuwe.ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanzaba mbarirwa.

  2. Uyu mugabo niba ari maneko. Ko numva yakoze ari ibisanzwe ! Ni mu rwego rw akazi ke ! Ahubwo RNC yagombye kwirinda cyane !

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