While taking my cup of coffee as a grower of that prosperous tree, I got a five minutes of reading what has been published yesterday by the current rwandan Premier minister Anastase Murekezi!!! From igihe. com, the following paragraph written in Kinyarwanda is chocking.

‘Ibitaro n’ibigo nderabuzima bizakomeza kubakwa no gufata no gusana ibisanzwe, kubyongerera ubushobozi bihabwa imiti n’ibikoresho, no kongera umubare w’abakozi bo mu buvuzi ku buryo haboneka umuganga 1 ku baturage 10,000 n’umuforomo 1 ku baturage 1,000.”

Taking into consideration of that declaration, let us examine these statistics. According to NISR, the Rwandan population now is 10.5 millions and if bring back the PM’s target as presented to the MPs, today Rwandan GoR need the following health workforce:

1) 1050 physicians in order to have 1 physician to treat 10,000 population and;
2) 10500 nurses and midwives so that we can have 1 nurses to take 1,000 population

And what is the current situation? Simply, a disaster in Rwandan Health sector headed by Dr Agnes Binagwaho.
According to the World Health organization, in Rwanda per 10,000 population, their medical treatment is assured only by 0.6 physician and 6,9 nurses and midwives!!! Hallelujah!!!! Many questions can be raised but one of the PM’s strategic plan to achieve on that target remains crucial as long as annual growth rate of Rwandan population is 2.6% per.

Peter Urayeneza