Rwandan refugees under threats in Norway, Nordics, and globe

Rugema Kayumba,

Hon. Prime Minister Erna Solberg
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Rwandan refugees under threats in Norway, Nordics, globe and hope of Peace in Great lakes region grows thin while democracy is a shattered dream in Rwanda at a cost of Norwegian funds :

Dear Rt. Hon. Prime Minister allow me to greet and wish you blessings in your every day activities.

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister I am Rugema Kayumba a Norwegian resident of Rwandan origin and am forced to write to you following the demands of my fellow refugees of Rwandan origin and other regional refugees (great lakes region of Africa)scattered and scared all over the world in different associations including some in Norway.

We chose to address to you our problems of persecution in exile including Norway and failed democracy at home.

We have advocated for our fellow refugees being killed in Uganda to the extent that two of our fellow petitioners were reported missing and I was forced to live by Ugandan security services for my life was in danger because of Rwandan embassy in Uganda and then police chief Kayihura and among the refugees we were advocating for there was a Norwegian of Rwandan origin Mj. Emanuel Munyaruguru and other 47 kidnapped cases of refugees.

Rt. Hon because of the policy of Norway on human rights defence , peace and dialogue promotion we have confidence in your voice and other Nordic nations in UN security council to ask President Kagame Paul of Rwandan government to stop killing his nationals at home, exile,opening political space and release of all political prisoners .

Rwandan government lead by President Paul Kagame has not only exported terror and his killing machines to exterminate refugees but even neighbours have suffered and lost millions of people case of Congo more than six millions were slaughtered and women raped by militias and forces of Rwandan government according to UN mapping report.

In Uganda refugees and Ugandans of Rwandan origin Ugandans were slaughtered, shoot, forced repatriated or disappeared activities which were done by Rwandan embassy in Uganda and head of Ugandan police force then general Kale Kayihura.

President of Rwanda threatened to hit Tanzanian head of state where it pains and Rwandan killing machines were sent to kill Tanzanian people as well and this was due to advise he President Kikweete had given to Kagame and President Museven of Uganda of having talks with there exiled opposition while they were looking for peaceful region with stable economy and democratic institutions suitable for investors and tourists .

Burundi didn’t escape terror and bad neighbour behaviours of Rwandan government which organized to over throw President Nkurunziza for not being with Kigali to fight Tanzania.

The move to over throw regime in Bujumbura was commanded in Kigali and in Rwandan embassy in Bujumbura and this left hundreds of thousands of refugees and others dead because president of Rwanda wanted Bujumbura to be ruled in Kigali.

Region tried to mediate Burundi opposition and the government but nothing can mature since Rwandan President is allergic to peace and democracy therefore hopes for peaceful region are shattered dream .

Rt.Hon considering MDGs and SDGs the globe has invested her resources to achieve and individual in Great lakes region of Africa has worked tirelessly to fail the programme look at Congo its quarter century of mothers being raped before their children, when infrastructures are built to be destroyed by the war lords of president Kagame, plundering resources of Congo and Congolese running out of their heritage to neighbouring countries including Rwanda it is a political policy of Kigali to have more of those refugees in Rwanda to keep the war of plunder relevant.

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister we beg your voice as woman and mother to think of women who has lived for quarter century being raped, their children being forced to serve in forces of Rwanda so that their captor can manage to keep war in their heritage.

We kindly request you to imagine if Norway was neighbour of Rwanda as Congo and think of more than six millions who were killed by the forces of President of Rwanda to day no Norwegian would be living to tell the story but what hurts Rt. Hon Prime minister though UN mapping report was given to UN security council no action was taken against president Kagame and his forces.

Still more the very forces and militias of President Kagame Paul who killed more than population of Norwegians are mandetated to keep peace in UN missions instead of condemning them for war crimes and genocide.

Rt.Hon Prime Minister we are coming out bravery to tell the world who the man you sit with on forum of UN environment is so that tomorrow you may not be condemned and Norway by our generation or other generations to come the way he (Kagame) condemns France for genocide.

UN has trusted with the forces of Rwandan government with Peace operations yet kills her nationals, neighbours and exports killers to far countries to exterminate all challenging voices of his anarchy . This is the very force that kills refugees for siting in compound of UNHCR asking for food imagine killing /shooting hungry refugees for asking food. The very forces in UN mission have proven there real colours in central Africa Republic by killing more than enough of armless civilians.

They (Rwanda defence forces) have been trusted with UN peace operations yet they have pacified with none at home and region.

Rt. Hon Prime Minister considering the role of Norway in specifying NCA and apartheid and we hope you can help to pacify the region of great lakes of Africa specifically Rwandan government and her opposition hunted to extinction in exile and those in jail on political crime charges.

Rt. Hon prime minister Rwanda has a dictator that is maintained by donners whose money makes him enemy of peace and democracy and Norwegian money inclusive.

Rt. Hon Prime Minister money given by Norwegian government and other countries are misused by the president of Rwanda who doesn’t sit at home but always in global tour.

What scared the globe he last donated over forty millions of USA dollars to the most wealth foot ball club of UK arsenal while children of Rwanda are dying of hunger and refugees being shoot for asking food.

Our request from Norwegian government and you as a mother.

1. Your voice in UN security council for Rwanda defence forces to be stopped in UN peace missions because they have not pacified with any body at home and region.

2. Your voice and of Norway to ask President Kagame to release all political prisoners and relatives of his political opponents who are held in prisons as hostages using them as silencing weapon .

3. Norwegian funds given to Rwanda should be stopped because it is not helping the poor instead used in activities of terrorism against neighbours,hunting to kill refugees including Norway and other Nordic countries.

4. Rwanda should open political space and freedom of press .

5. We ask Norwegian government not to allow any trade with Rwanda and her voice to ask other countries if they can’t respect human rights as it is indicated by the reports of amnesty, human rights watch and US state department reports.

6. We ask Norwegian government to ask Rwandan government a Norwegian of Rwandan origin Mj. Emanuel Munyaruguru who was kidnapped by the Rwandan government in Uganda when he had gone to visit his relatives and this is testified by officers of Uganda who were given orders by then Ugandan inspector of police General Kale Kayihura and Rwandan high commission officers in Kampala James Burabyo and Ismail Baguma.

7. We request the Norwegian voice in UN security council to ask Rwandan government to stop using her embassies including one of Stockholm as terrorism never centre responsible for hunting to kill refugees and giving them crimes ranging to genocide and terrorism just because they are opposed to her dictatorship .

8. We request Norwegian government to help us with moles of Rwandan government who came as refugees running out of dictatorship of President Kagame and others who deceive to be originating from neighbouring countries and after getting documents of residence and they start to serve in espionage.

– We lost Mj. Emanuel Munyaruguru, I escaped kidnap on my way from Uganda at the airport in 2016 when I had gone to visit my family.

– Last year I was attacked on orders of the embassy and of Rwanda on tips given by the spies they have in Norway who came as refugees as well.

– UK and Sweden ,Belgium refugees were given told by security the threats and harm their government would render to them any time

9. We see it not fair to fight terrorism organisations like of ISS when the world can’t fight terrorism of Rwandan government against her nationals and neighbours .

We are scared and I in particular have been followed up to Norway threatened to be killed even attacked physically and in writings.

Rwandan government fabricates crimes against her nationals and foreigners who don’t accept repression.


Rugema Kayumba

Representing NSADO,TLI, RFMR

[email protected]