Rwandan spies and operatives networks in UK under investigation

The Proxy Lake has learnt that UK Home Office and anti-terror police is currently investigating activities of about 21 members of Rwandan community in UK, who are suspected to be spying and terrorising genuine Rwandan refugees. Those being investigated despite their apparent collaboration and partnership with the current Rwandan government, they came in UK as asylum seekers fleeing the current government. This allowed them to get UK resident permit and eventually UK citizenship.

The current Rwandan government has a truck record of working with operatives who claimed to be refugees to spy to other refugees and even terrorising them. Their actions are often coordinated by local Rwandan embassies.

In February 2012Sweden expelled a Rwandan diplomat or allegedly spying on Rwandan exiles.

In May 2013UK anti-terror Police warned exiles of murder risk which could come from Rwandan government operatives.

In March 2014 – South Africa expelled 3 Rwandan diplomats in connection with an attack on a home of a Rwandan dissident.

In May 2014 – Belgium Police warned Rwandan dissident about suspected attack.

In June 2015 – Canada Police warned Rwandan exile that he is the target of assassination by Rwandan operatives.

Investigations in UK are having a close look at suspected individuals and their collaboration with a government that some of them claimed to have escaped from while claiming asylum. Considering what has happened in other countries and what various across the world Police have discovered regarding assassinations and spying networks, UK Security Services are taking their investigation extremely important.

It is alleged that UK network of spies and operatives are coordinated by 1st secretary in the Rwandan High Commission in London, Mr James Wizeye.

James Wizeye


Suspected operatives under investigations include:

  • Bosco Ngabonzima
  • Appolinaire Kageruka
  • Julien Leonard Mutangana
  • Remy Mutambuka
  • Nina Mutesi Ngarambe

Bosco Ngabonzima came in UK as an asylum seeker in early 2000 ‘’ allegedly ‘’ fleeing persecution from the current regime. After he was granted full Refugee Status and Indefinite Leave to Remain by the UK Home Office, he studied at university of Warwick. He was eventually granted a British citizenship.

In August 2013, he was elected to be chairman of the West Midland Rwandan community association. This is an organisation affiliated to the Rwandan High commission. Since Bosco was asylum seeker, he had showed to be close to the high commission, participating in many youth meeting and activities as well as in public demonstration aiming to support the current Rwandan president (despite that he has claimed to have been persecuted by his regime)

Bosco role has been: recruiting young people, identifying Rwandan asylum seekers, particularly those living in West Midlands and North East of England. Bosco lives in Coventry.

Bosco KK June 2015 Bosco embassaBosco Kagame - 2013

One the pictures above, Bosco has been identified among protesters in London June 2015 who protested against the arrest of the Rwandan Chief spy General Karenzi Karake (also known as KK). On the other picture he was having a good time with the Rwandan High Commissioner in London HE William Nkurunziza. On the last picture, Bosco shared a stage with the current Rwandan president Paul Kagame in an event of his supporters in London.

In his Home Office asylum case Bosco claimed that he has been harassed and tortured by the government that is represented by his apparent close friends on the above picture.

Appolinaire Kageruka is a former army officer and army training officer in the current Rwandan armed force. He came in UK as an asylum seeker claiming that he has been falsely imprisoned and persecuted by the current regime for holding different views and openly opposing to some of its policies.

He lives in Coventry and known to have been travelling to Rwandan many times to participate in meetings and training with the intelligence services. He is also used in security team when the Rwandan president visit UK.

His role has been to identify those who are opposing the Rwandan government particularly former solders. He is also the most feared among the current regime supporters to his close connection with the military and Rwandan intelligence. It is alleged to have been intimidating some Rwandan refugees warning them not to participate in any event that criticise the Rwandan regime.

Appolinaire travels to Rwanda at least 3 times a year for briefings, training and meetings.


On a testimony for the Holocaust Memorial Trust; Apollinaire falsely claimed that when the genocide occurred in 1994, he was a teacher. This is total false, he was a solder in the Rwandan Patriot Front, which was a rebel group that was fighting the government forces at that time.

Julien Leonard Mutangana  is a former child solder in the current Rwandan army when they were rebels in 1994. Julien came UK in early 2000. He sought asylum and his application was refused but he was granted 4 years Exceptional Leave to Remain. It is more likely that he has not yet been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (which would eventually enable him to get citizenship) considering that despite being very close to the Rwandan High commission, he has never travelled back to Rwanda since the time he arrived. Julien was recruited back to work for the regime when he failed to complete his university course in Coventry and was out of job for more than 3 years.

He is very known to be virulent Rwandan regime supporters and feared by many people due to the fact that he does not tolerate any criticism to the Rwandan regime. His role include to be cheerleader and organise cheerleaders when the Rwandan president is in UK, he is also know to identify addresses and activities of Rwandan refugees who are known to be critics of the Rwandan government.

Julien is allegedly to be in regular telephone contact with the current Rwandan minister of defence, General Kabarebe. It is also alleged that Julien has recently sent him an Arsenal tracksuit.

rukundi kk court Rundo KK 2Appolinaire Rukundonec team

On the pictures above, Julien has been seen in London demonstrating  in June 2015 against the arrest of the Rwanda chief spy General  Karenzi Karake by the UK Police.

He was also seen shortly after that at the Rwanda High Commission with Rwanda chief spy General Karenzi Karake on day of his release.

Julien, Bosco and Appolinaire were also seen coordinating parliamentary election for Rwandan diaspora in UK on behalf of Rwandan National Election Commission (NEC). The NEC logo is clearly seen on their shirts. They were officials NEC representatives. This is very strange considering what they claimed about the Rwandan authorities as part of their asylum applications.

Remy Rutambuka is a former solder in the current Rwandan army. He arrived in UK in 2003. Considering that in 2003, UK was refusing many asylum applications of Rwandans, Remy sought asylum as a Burundian citizen fleeing persecution from Burundi government. He was granted full refugee status.  He is known to be very close to James Wizeye, the first secretary at the Rwandan High commission and he has been travelling to Rwandan regularly.

Remy is known to intimate people who are critics of the current Rwandan regime, particularly former solders. It is widely known within the Rwandan community (not the Burundian community he claimed to be part of ) that UK Home Office has refused Remy citizenship application due to his number of criminal records, particularly drink drive.

Remy role include to organise cheerleaders, being part of security team when the Rwandan president is in UK. Remy lives in Enfield – London. The Proxy Lake has learnt that Remy is scheduled to fly to Kigali in Rwanda in December 2015 to attend a special training with the DMI (Department of Military Intelligence)


Nina Mutesi Ngarambe: (also known as Jeanine Mutesi)

Nina came in UK as depended to a Rwandan diplomat John Ngarambe when he was 1stSecretary (2004 – 2006). Nina is actually John sister. When John was replaced and sent to the Rwandan High commission in Kampala, Nina did not go with him, instead in order for her to stay, she changed her name and sought asylum as a Congolese citizen from Banyamulenge tribe which was being persecuted in DR Congo at that time. Nina asylum application was successful and was granted full Refugee Status and Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK.

In London; Nina spends most of her time in Rwandan High commission with his brother replacement James Wizeye. Together they organise meetings of young people and recruited them to go to Rwanda to participate in patriotism and military training that is given to Rwandan young people. Nina is also know to go around visiting member of Rwandan refugee communities and asking information about them and others. Nina lives in a council flat in Hackney with his son, East London and lives on social welfare while spending her time working for the High Commission.

Nina flag Nina free Karake Nina loves Kagame Nina na John

On pictures above Nina is seen at various Rwanda and Paul Kagame promotion events, including at a protest against the arrest of Rwanda Chief spy, General Karenzi Karake also known as KK.

Nina is also seen with his brother John Ngarambe, who was 1st Secretary of the Rwandan High Commission in UK and currently 1st Secretary of the Rwandan High Commission in Uganda.

That picture was taken was John came in UK in 2013 as part of president Paul Kagame security team when he was visiting UK.

It is high likely that in the next few weeks, they may be arrests and possible deportation as result of these investigations. As soon we get more information about other suspect under investigation we will let you know.

Sylvie Umutesi