Rwandan Youth strongly support BBC and salute Rwanda’s untold story documentary

On behalf of Rwandan Youth, we are writing to express our deepest gratitude to the BBC for coming out with the exceptional documentary on Rwanda. Rwanda’s untold story documentary is a heroic action and a challenge to the monopoly of the truth about Rwanda’s tragic history by President Kagame Paul and his associates who made a crime any questioning of the story they created that only Tutsis were exclusive victims of the Rwandan genocide.

We, Rwandan youth (Hutu, Tutsi and Twa), with a vision of a leadership which respects human rights under umbrella of Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI), we really understand when, where and how to express our natural feelings. Since the foundation of our organization, we have been subjected to bodily threats, many of our colleagues have been kidnapped from their homes and disappeared, some are languishing in prisons and others have to flee the country for their safety, simply because we decided to face the truth on issues concerning Rwandan society, no matter how it might hurt us.

Rwanda under RPF (Rwanda Patriotic Front) led by Paul Kagame is a police state and arbitrary exercise of power which has become the only means of delivering justice to anyone challenging the RPF official narrative of Rwandan genocide. It is within this context that Madam Victoire ingabire, Mr. Deo Mushayidi, Mr. Kizito Mihigo, Mr. Jean Baptiste Icyitonderwa and many other prisoners of conscience are held in Rwandan prisons. Therefore, we were not surprised by the brutal reactions of President Paul Kagame and his colony supporters like Ibuka, FARG, AERG, and the self-seeking of so called international academics, researchers and journalists who benefited from Rwandan sagas through RPF regime corruptions, opposing the production and broadcasting of BBC’s Rwanda’s untold story documentary.

It is for the same reason that RPF regime banned the teaching of the real history of Rwanda in schools so that the youth can be brainwashed about its record of crimes against Rwandans. We experienced a vague of arrest actions of history teachers, journalists, students and all of them were charged of either genocide ideology or genocide denial whenever they tried to speak out the truth.

The RPF regime pushed an ethnic and divisive campaign against Hutus called “NDI UMUNYARWANDA”, incriminating all Hutus as genociders and ordering them to own up the wrongs committed against Tutsis on behalf of the Interahamwe Hutu militia who committed them. President Paul Kagame’s regime couldn’t allow genocide Hutus victims to be mourned because he knew what he did against them and he thought he wouldn’t gain trust from Tutsis whom he orchestrated himself as their savior. Also because the Hutus genocide survivors’ numbers are far away big from the one of Tutsis, he hindered all Hutus not to speak up their grievances hence plundering all the money supposed to help those Hutus and Twas as their fellow Tutsis victims of genocide. That’s why he made a dirty policy incriminating all Hutus and lied to Tutsis that reconciliation can’t be applied thoroughly without all Hutus kneeling in front of Tutsis and ask for forgiveness.

Corrupted journalists, even when they knew it to be a lie, dared not to challenge the state line and portrayed President Paul Kagame as a savior of Rwanda who terminated the genocide and they have for long time justified the RPF military invasion of Rwanda and Zaire (Congo) hence making themselves accomplices of horrible tragedies waged Great Lakes Region with around 10 millions of Hutus and Bantous victims.

Though BBC would have done what he did before, we salute its difference to set the course for the rest of the world by embracing the truth which will save our Great Lakes Region.

We Rwandan youth call BBC leadership not to respond to threats and bullying by Rwandan RPF regime because it is a hooligan government. All institutions; whether parliament, judiciary, police, military and all ministries don’t work for the sake of Rwandan people as whole but for President Kagame Paul and his colony, they are his slaves. In Rwanda when you see the people in street protesting, it is not their will but they are forcefully mobilized to protest what they don’t know or want, and truly if you arbitrarily select anyone he/she can’t tell you any tiny part of the content of that documentary. RPF regime can’t allow them to know the truth but always to fool them. President Kagame Paul’s regime wants to make all Rwandans to be its blind hooligans in order for his criminal dictatorship to last longer. Rwandans are ruled over gun on their heads, ifyou refute to following RPF rulers blindly; you are dead or subjected to all kind of torture until you abide by their rules.

We also call BBC and all other international media to keep professional and their eyes open on Rwanda because there is something very horrific going on in our country: people are daily and massively killed, assassinated, enforcedly disappeared and arbitrarily imprisoned by RPF regime. Curbing BBC radio and its channels in Rwanda as well as blocking its websites is threatening the media whether local or international not to question or investigate the ongoing killings. So far, more than fifty thousand people have been disappeared and some were found their bodies floating in the rivers and lakes, dumped in mass graves in forests and others were burnt in prisons, all these in this year.

Last but not least, RY4LCI on behalf of all Rwandan youth once again extend our gratitude to BBC for making and airing the documentary “Rwanda’s untold story”. The history moves on and we keep encouraging you to do more on Rwanda for the truth to prevail.

Done on 4th November 2014
For Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI)


Deputy Director in charge of Social and Reconciliation

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