Since the power takeover by the RPF in 1994, Kagame and his Party RPF have caused and still cause serious dictatorship-related problems in the nation of Rwanda to such extent that things are turning to the worst beyond what the human race is able to bear.

The Kagame regime has blocked the gates for justice, trampled on the people’s rights, monopolized the country’s economy, violated the freedom assembly and association, introduced apartheid, polarized political space and reached the dizzy heights of oppression.

However, Kagame and his entourage manage to show the rest of the world that the ruling junta has changed the country into a haven land that attracts the international attention within development, peace, tourism and business investments.

Kagame has been able to con the world this way because his sycophantic oligarchy and he rule by means of lie and guile aiming at showing an outside holy image. In Kagame’s Rwanda, all citizens are supposed to compromise themselves and incline to lick the dust on the shoes of the RPF aristocracy lest they get slain or sent to prison.

In the early 1990s when the RPF was at war with the Habyarimana regime, they committed terrible war crimes wherever they passed and nonetheless told the Rwandan audience that they were coming to establish peace, good governance and national unity. Today the RPF has stayed in power for twenty three years but patterns of dictatorship have multiplied several times as much. The number of refugees increase on a day-to-day basis. Hundreds of Rwandans including army generals and statesmen (co-founders of RPF in 1987) cross the border of Rwanda every day seeking asylums in the neighbouring countries and overseas. Kagame has limited the whole value of the country to the caste of RPF members that emerged on our social spectrum after 1994.

The newly formed feudal system is a caste of about 500.000 selected citizens including lords, vassals and serfs over the national population of 12.000.000, at least 4,1% of Rwandans. Though the quagmire of dictatorship gets deeper day after day, no Rwandan journalist dares to report on the ongoing crisis. There is zero freedom of the press, even the voice of the people has been muzzled through highly terrorizing methods modelled on the terrorism of Boko Haram, Islamic State, Al Shabab and Al Qaeda.

Prisons are crammed with prisoners of conscience, opposition activists are disappeared without trace and the beautiful houses of Kigali City have become the butcheries in which the regime’s armed forces massacre defenseless civilians. The rate of corruption is unprecedented and the mismanagment of state recources has become a common thing in the RPF regime. As to the national treasury, it’s become Kagame’s petty cash. The auditor of public funds is not allowed to do any audit report on the presidency. Kagame and his officials are a conniving mafia that embezzle the public money without legal pursuit.

Nowadays, there are thousands of files about alarming cases of corruption and embezzlement but the suspects are free of arrest because they are known as the big fish.
So far, hundreds of government officials have been implicated for financial mismanagement, corruption and abuse of power but no tribunal or court of law has ever pursued them or exonerated them. The prosecutors overlook many allegations connected with embezzlement well documented by international organizations, by witnesses or sworn-in evidence and by the media before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament (PAC). Illicitly Kagame and his oligarchy have made great fortunes abroad. They own air ways companies, ocean cruisers, travel agencies, villa houses, condos, casinos, supermarkets in Beijing, sky scrappers in New York, resort hotels along the Mediterranean coasts, brothels, ranches, petrol companies, factories, etc.

During this 24-year rule of absolute dictatorship, Kagame has had his scribes write a lot of statute books but they are vehicles for selective law as far as the RPF regime is concerned.
Carelessly Kagame spends big bucks of public money on air travels running his personal businesses. In his spendthrift air journeys, President Paul Kagame imposes the government to hire him one of his three private jets from wherever they are parked in the world (esp. in Greece and Malaysia) and millions of rent money end up in his own pocket. In addition to this, Kagame has an extra large spy network operating abroad with a personnel of more than 4,000 intelligence agents. As for internal intelligence, Kagame uses about 200.000 spies whose missions are to inquire on every Rwandan’s family background, ethnic group, political views, economy, communication and movement. This paranoid intelligence has detrimental effect on the masses since it consumes 2/3 of the national budget leaving an unbridgeable gap which the regime tries to cover by publishing falsified performance reports.

The cause of unemployment and extreme poverty can be sean in ways Kagame and his entourage rule Rwanda in a mercenary fashion based on segregationist policies. This is clearly remarked within wage differentials. Some people of the same intellectual levels are more equal than others.

For example: a secondary school teacher (Ao) gets frs. 110.000 as monthly salary (US$ 128) while a sector secretary executive (Ao) earns frs. 500.000 per month (US$ 588). To understand why the regime acts like that, you first of all have to know who are eligible for the abundantly remunerating jobs. In fact, you cannot get prominent job, especially in public institutions unless your father or grandfather participated either materially or physically in the so-called liberation war of 1990-94. Then your application must be approved by three RPF cadres who know about your family background well. Such segregation produces drastic consequences on the country’s social and economic advancement engendering a sphere where a small part of the nationals lead a sort of paradisical existence while a large number of fellow countrymen starve to death and continually get tormented by diseases of malnutrition. In addition to that, many Rwandans are leaving the country to the neighboring country Uganda for Jobs to survive.

These days the main job of the RPF armed forces has become to pick unemployed youths from roads and other public places, stripe pieces of cloth around their eyes and pack them in patrol cars and trucks with the aim of conveying them to secret detention places such as: Iwawa Island in Lake Kivu, Gikondo, Kabindi and Kami in Kigali, Kivunja near Mukamira Barracks, Mudende Barracks in Nyabihu District etc dungeons. In those secret detention places, the regime puts the detainees through gruesome moral and physical torture in an attempt to brainwash them about not joining opposition forces for democratic change like FDLR and RNC. In addition to this civil repression, the regime torments the people with exorbitant taxes including the tax for private residence, gardens and pets. Then forced collectivization deprives the farmers from enjoying the produce of what their lands yield.

The 95% of Rwandan natives depends on agriculture but investments in this sector are very insignificant, motivated by political rather than productivity objectives.

The Kagame administration has left the farmers isolated without a transparently well oriented agricultural system to eradicate poverty. The system is vulnerable to exploitative middlemen who benefit from the sweat of our toiling people by creating politically patronised receiverships called collectivization warehouses. The regime proceeds with both overtaxation and forced collectivization as a strategy to check on people’s ability to finance opposition forces that may overthrow the regime’s harsh governance to bring desired change. The strategy of RPF regime is to maintain the farmers in the lowest level of livelihood so that they cannot nurture democratic change. The more they are poor the less they are open to what good and great in today’s modern society, meaning that they getting historically retarded.

Indeed, the regime has become a source of instabilty in the region and is incompetent to promete long term peace. In Rwanda you cannot enjoy civil rights, societal freedoms and whatever rights unless you adhere to the fascist doctrine of the ruling clique. Millions of Rwandans lead a hopeless life and they are in desperate need of something that may free them from the political yoke inflicted by the RPF. A solemn appeal is launched to human rights organizations and democracy defenders across the globe to react. The regime is too corrupt, with extreme segregation and high level of tactics for messing democracy!

All publications of the Kagame regime about sustanable developpement, statistics in education, agricultural developpement, gender promotion, poverty reduction strategies etc are mostly inaccurate.

Written by:
Jean Rukika
14 February 2018