Rwanda’s killing squad which accomplished the mission of poisoning Supretendant Camarade Rukabu was led by ACP Gatete Cyprian

Picture/ ACP Gatete Cyprian accomplished the assassination mission of poisoning Supretendant Camarade Rukabu.

The investigation done by Umuvugizi after the sudden and mysterious death of the Rwandan Senior Police officer who was on the UN official duty in Darfur confirms that a killing squad which killed Supretendant Rukabu using poison was led by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Gatete Cyprian.

Intelligence sources who also worked with the deceased senior police officer revealed to us that the orders of assassinating Supretendant Camarade Rukabu were implemented by the killing squad led by ACP Gatete Cyprian who benefited of their comradeship and easily accomplished the assassination mission . ACP Gatete Cyprian was implementing assignment given to him by famous Killer ACP Kalisa who is the head of Rwanda’s Special Intelligence who had also got approval from President Kagame .

This evil act happened on 19/12/2012, when the deceased UN Senior police officer was returning from Darfur at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. This Killing Squad poured poison in a glass of a drink Supretendant Camarade Rukabu was taking when they had just arrived at Entebbe Airport in Uganda . According to reliable sources within Rwanda’s Intelligence confirms that they used the latest and the most sophisticated Poison which was once diagnosed by Col Dan Munyuza former Chief of Rwanda’s Notorious Directorate of Military intelligence who defined it as a strong and a Sophisticated Poison which immediately kills a person . Col Dan Munyuza also once defined the sophistication of this Poison of being so effective to an extent that those killed by that poison , Doctors cannot diagnose the autopsy and find the traces of the poison.

The assassination scam of poisoning dead a long serving Police officer who was also serving among officers of UN Peace Keeping mission in Darfur couldn’t have happened without both the knowledge and the approval of President Kagame personally .

This makes sense in that prior to Supretendant Camarade Rukabu’s departure to the UN Peace Keeping Mission in Darfur , he was summoned by Rwanda’s Criminal Investigation Department which based on baseless rumors which had been also spread by the Special Intelligence and they questioned him reasons as why he was publically criticizing autocracy of president Kagame . Even though late Supretendant Camarade Rukabu refuted those accusation as baseless and rumors spread to dent his personality but this din’t help him much because he was immediately there and then given a warning from President Kagame to stop criticizing his autocracy or in return face it rough .
May Lord Rest his Soul in his entire heavenly peace.

J B Gasasira