Lt Col Ruki Karusisi during a presentation in the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) at Fort Leavenworth in 2016

By Gakwerere

For the past two night, on Saturday and Sunday nights, Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) especially spacial forces units have been deploying heavily in the northern sector along side Rwanda – Uganda borders. The heavy deployment is both of manpower and military hardware. 

Paul Kagame doesn’t trust the regular army, that is why he ordered this deployment to be headed by Special force units, a regiment that he trusts and excellently pays well in comparison to the regular army. 

Units within Special forces are led by men who used to serve in Paul Kagame’s presidential guard brigade. Within Paul Kagame’s military security set up, the special force brigade is an extension of the presidential guard. 

The deployment of Paul Kagame’s special forces along Rwanda – Uganda border is being led by Col Ruki KARUSISI, the deputy commander of Paul Kagame’s special forces and totally a military novice. 

Throughout his military career, col Ruki KARUSISI has been an escort. During the RPA struggle, he was a military escort to Col Biseruka, from where he was deployed at the headquarter to guard Paul Kagame, the guarding he continued doing until October of last year, 2018, when he was promoted to Colonel and appointed Deputy Commander. 

Col Ruki Karusisi totally has no single military operation field experience. His experience on field operations especially in command mechanism is next to zero. He merely rose through the ranks due to being Paul Kagame’s blue eyed boy and a trusted close protection guard for years. 

What I always remind Kagamist goons, it’s that the Rwanda Defence Forces, it’s not the Rwanda Patriotic Army. These were different entities with different kind of military human capital.