Rwanda/South Africa:Stolen iPad led to expulsions

An iPad stolen from the house of an exiled Rwandan general’s home led to the expulsion of the three diplomats from the Rwandan mission in Pretoria, sources said yesterday.

The tablet, allegedly stolen during the raid at the house of former Rwandan army chief Gen Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa in Johannesburg, was destined for Kigali but was found in a diplomatic bag.

Sources said the search was sparked off by the investigators’ suspicion as they probed the incident – and the death of the slain Rwandan national Patrick Karegeya.

It is understood that due to diplomatic immunity from prosecution, the investigators were unable to arrest the suspects as they were diplomats. Instead the diplomats were ordered to return to their country with the hope of cooperation from the Rwandan government.

But Rwanda, which has accused South Africa of harbouring terrorists, retaliated by ordering out six South African envoys.

The incident has strained relations between the two countries, both involved in efforts to bring peace to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where South Africa has deployed troops.

UN experts say the rebels receive support from the Rwandan government.

Nyamwasa is critical of the Rwandan government and

has held meetings with his compatriots to bring change in his country.

Source: The New Age

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