Rwanda:Third Congress of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda confirmed Parliamentary Candidates

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is pleased to inform members of the media and the public that it successfully held its third congress on 23rd June 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The congress approved 55 Parliamentary Candidates, the provisional list includes 21 women and 34 men. The final list will be submitted to the National Electoral Commission between 12-25 July. Parliamentary elections are planned for 2nd and 3rd September 2018, while electoral campaigns will commence on 13th August -1st September.

The Congress renewed the mandate of the Executive Committee members and elected a new national Treasurer.  It also elected 11 leaders for each of the four provinces and the City of Kigali.

The Congress also approved a revised party-political program (manifesto), which will be used for parliamentary campaigns. The Party program had been approved in March 2017 before presidential elections, however, some of the key issues which were highlighted have already been implemented by the Government of Rwanda. This required an updated version of the Political Program, where other pressing issues were included and those already implemented removed.

Key Issues in the Revised Political Program (manifesto):

Justice Sector:

–        DGPR will seek the establishment of the Constitutional Court, to deal with all constitutional related cases and matters;

–        DGPR will seek the supremacy of the Supreme Court, where by no one could be able to appeal its decisions to the Ombudsman;

–        Prisoners should not be imprisoned in prisons far from their home areas, this will be changed. Convicts serving non-criminal sentences, will have to serve them outside prison, this will help to reduce the huge number of prisoners and save national budget, while making those convicts productive to the society;

–        Set up a special court to retry cases of politicians in prison who are not satisfied with court decisions.

National Security and National Sovereignty:

–        DGPR will seek the establishment of the National Security Council, comprising of civilian authorities, military, police and other security organs;

–        Regarding armed groups that attack the country, we shall strengthen national security using modern technology to monitor our boarders. These will include security cameras and satellites among others. We shall also increase the capacity and resources of the national police and other security institutions;

–        DGPR will ensure dialogue between the Government and Rwandans outside the country to deter armed rebellions.


–        We shall request for the establishment of the Ministry of Information, which will specifically deal with media development and policy;

–        We shall set up a media development fund to support private media houses to develop and get resources;

–         We shall encourage the state to share public tenders with both public and private media.


–        We shall work towards a new legislation that will repeal land tax and restore land ownership to the citizens;

–        We will seek legislation of a national land use plan clearly indicating where to farm and where to settle and construct houses;

–        We shall revise the Land-consolidation policy which limits people to plant crops of their choice and give them rights to participate in the decision-making process of what to grow on their land. Government can have its own land for commercial farming.


–        We shall seek legislation promoting progressive taxation and reduce several repetitive taxes that hinder business growth and increase the tax base;

–        We shall establish the minimum wage;

–        We shall seek legislation establishing the Cooperative Bank of Rwanda, to promote sustainable growth of cooperative societies;

–        We shall seek legislation that reduces taxes on motor vehicles or other machines that do not use petroleum products;

–         We will promote renewable energy, especially solar and wind energy;

–        We shall promote CLEAN industries that do not pollute the environment;

–        We shall promote agro-processing industries;

–        We shall seek legislation establishing the Export and Import Promotion Bank of Rwanda.

Environmental Protection:

–        We shall promote rain water harvesting and seek legislation that obliges all buildings to tap rain water;

–        We shall promote sustainable mining practices and seek a law that obliges miners not to pollute water bodies and ensure an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment before any mining activity;

–        We shall promote agro-forestry policy in all farming areas as well as tree planting on hillsides and fight soli-erosion through progressive terracing;

–        We shall seek legislation that ensures climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  Agriculture and Animal husbandry:

–        We shall seek legislation that ensures food security and food safety this will protect the country against food scarcity and hunger as well as guard us from genetically modified foods and other health-hazards;

–        We shall develop water irrigation system and rain water harvesting in the Rwandan drylands and ensure agricultural production even during dry seasons;

–        We shall seek legislation that deploys agronomist at the village level;

–        We shall seek legislation that establishes Rwanda Agricultural Support Fund which will help farmers to access low interest credits and guarantees;

–        We shall work towards establishing an institution aimed at fighting famine and hunger, known as ‘Feed Rwanda Institute’.

The full political program with all details will be published on the party website and shared to the public before the campaign period. What we have highlighted above are just a few key points on some of the issues.

Done at Kigali, 25th June 2018

Dr.Frank Habineza

Party President