Security organs knew of attack in advance, claims Senator

NAIROBI; KENYA : Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko sensationally told the Senate that security organs and intelligence officers were aware of an impending attack on key areas in Nairobi, including the Westgate Mall.

Sonko claimed that he had helped two women of either Asian or Arabic origin to offer information to police onAl-Shabaab militiamen who were targeting sections ofNairobi. He gave the revelations as the Senate took time off its business to discuss the terror attack on the mall.

He said the women had approached him three months ago with information to the effect that the gang, which had rented a house in Parklands and Westlands, were planning a major attack.

“They mentioned Westgate Mall, Village Market, Parliament and the Kenyatta International Conference Centre as their targets,” claimed Sonko.

The Motion was moved by Leader of Majority Kithure Kindiki, who termed the attack a national disaster.

Attacking members of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), Sonko told the House that after getting the information from the two women, he assisted them to record their statements with the police and the intelligence officers for further investigations.

Shock many

He said the two women were initially living with the gang in the rented houses but had escaped after being showed the items that the suspects were preparing for the attack.

Though the Senator declined to give the exact details that the two women gave the police, he said that he was ready to record a statement to that effect.

“I know I will shock many people here. These people have remained in this area planning the attack for about three months and despite the investigators getting that information they could not quell the attack,” said Sonko.

The senators faulted the country’s intelligence services even as they hailed the security organs over the manner in which they had handled the attack.

“Instead of the intelligence officers keeping busy tapping our mobile phones, NIS should be employing that vigour towards arresting crime,” said Minority Deputy Whip Janet Ong’era.

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi hailed Kenyans over their strong spirit during the tragedy.


Source: Standard


  1. Its sad but at least for their case! Who will cry for our land called Rwanda if such tragedy falls? Cause our terrorist is on chair of terror and is rune by our taxes and aid funds to do exactly what those heartless animals are doing and the world keeps silent instead of condemning this Arasad of Kigali Kagame!
    Am very sure should Kagame land on nuclear weapon this man would terminate our region and all of Rwandans!
    When I recall when he said that he shall leave Kigali dirty as he found it and see how he reaps grandees in public gatherings no doubt that this man can not even shout to his Nationals what his friend last did to Syria!

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