« She (Agnes Ntamabyariro) will never return back to Zambia », Seraphine Mukantabana

During a press conference, the Rwandese Minister of Disaster and Refugees Affairs, Mme Seraphine Mukantabana, accompanied by a very important delegation ,disclosed that, she does not care about the fate of the former rwandese minister of justice, Mme Agnès Ntamabyariro.

Asked about Agnes Ntamabyariro, Seraphine Muntabana said clearly: « She (Agnes Ntamabyariro) will never return back to Zambia ». The incarcerated former Rwandese Minister of Justice Agnes Ntamabyariro , the rwandan government will never return her back to Zambia since she is at her « home » in Rwanda. Mukantabana continued.

Mme Seraphine reacted also heavily to a question challenging the injustice that currently prevailing in Rwanda. A person asked the minister the question, which embarrassed her as follows:

« Mme Minister, you know that, the former Rwandese Minister of Justice Mme Agnes Ntamabyariro is rotting in jail since 1997, and she is on record to have been kidnapped from her home , in Mufulira where she was staying with her family; I mean her presence in Kigali is illegal »?

When was that? Seraphine Mukantabana asked back, as if she did not know about that problem.

It was in 1997 May 27th, the person replied. After a brief hesitation, Mukantabana Seraphine said » Voilà, things have changed since then; but she will never return back to Zambia since she is at her « home » in Rwanda. Why could she be in Zambia »?

Mme Agnes Ntamabyariro, a former rwandese Minister of Justice, was summoned by Zambian Immigration officers on May 27th, 1997. In a space of few minutes, she was taken to Lubumbashi, where she had felt in hands of Kabila troops backed by the Rwandese soldiers and she was, later on, taken to Kigali. When she arrived in Rwanda, she refused to appear in court, because she believed she was innocent. The rwandan government decided afterwards to sentence her to life imprisonment. At the press time, it was not possible to have the side of the story from the Zambian government.

A part from Seraphine Mukantabana, the rwandese delegation included also Jean Damascene Rudasingwa , from the office of the President , Jean Damascene Rusanganwa the Immigration Director , Jean Damascene Kayitana, the Counsellor of the Minister , John Sayinzoga, the Chairman of Demob and Reintegration Commission, Parfait Gahamanyi, the Diaspora Director and Claude Nikobisanzwe, the First Secretary in the rwandan embassy in South Africa.

By A Correspondent!