A time ago in 1994 while ex FAR returnees were doing an induction course in Gako Barracks, Mzee Titus Rutaremara arrived to give them a lecture and in a conceited way of speaking he said, “You Hutu used to be proud of your diligence. You say you know how to farm the land but now I’m telling you that things won’t be the same again. We will tell you when to plow the land, what to sow and when to reap. Even we won’t let you manage your produce as you please.”

This was a confirmation of the speech Major General Paul Kagame had uttered previously right after the crash of President Habyarimana’s jet. He said, “Now get the women and children out of the way. I’m coming to change history, promote the minority to the majority and reduce the majority to the minority.”

Today after all these years of apartheid, many things have been paralyzed beginning with low people’s lives. However, Kagame and his sycophants compare poor Rwanda to Singapore and they don’t care about the common people’s welfare.


In 2006, the above-quoted speech of Mzee Titus Rutaremara entered the phase of implementation. The government of Rwanda launched the agrarian revolution which deprived the popular masses of their marshlands, fields and the freedom to cultivate the crops of their preferences. Those agricultural reforms ended up in forced collectivization. In a country where 95% of the population depends on agriculture, the reforms were like driving the wedge through the heart of the low people’s economy because the standards of living plummeted unprecedentedly.

Example: Many Hutu families that used to depend on the crop of Irish potatoes have become a pity lot. Today potatoes decay in the fields because the farmer has no right to harvest even a one-night survival without written permission of the RPF. When harvested Irish potatoes are brought to collectivization warehouses, the farmer gets coerced into signing that he’s paid Rw.frs 135/kg but when he turns to the cash window, the cashier gives him Rw.frs 60/kg and calmly leaves in silence without complaining lest he incurs the fate of being disappeared without trace.

Not only in Irish potatoes but also the same economic bondage applies to other crops such as banana, corn, rice, sorghum and cassava. Kagame impoverishes the Hutu ethnic group’s citizens in order to suppress their economic capacity to finance the opposition forces that battle for democratic change in Rwanda.


The youths are going through tougher times than it has ever been before due to the lack of jobs and equal opportunity to raise income from what the country yields. There is a lot of segregation in schools and it’s done under cover of disguised methods. The ruling ethnic group sends their children to the best schools accompanied with a minimum of the segregated ethnic group’s children to trick the rest of the world that Rwandans have achieved reconciliation.

The children of the ruling elite are sent to the world’s renowned universities while the rest are sent to Rwanda’s shithole universities. It is evident that at the job market, both scholars can’t compete! Such way of discriminating children in education amounts to deplorable effects to such extent that the standards of literacy and numeracy are at critical crossroads even among the most recent graduates.

One critical aspect which affect the Hutu graduates is to be accepted in the RPF ideology and then to get the job! It is not surprising to see that the majority of unemployed are Hutu. And when some activists start rising the issue of ethnic discrimination inside the kingdom of the hideous Prince, Kagame hides in “Ndi umunyarwanda” (I am Rwandan), a state program that seeks to deny people of their God-given ethnic identities propagandizing that there are no ethnic groups in Rwanda. But when it comes to the dividends he earns from the genocide he himself ignited in 1994, he dances to another tune and says that the Hutu have done genocide against the Tutsi.


Since 2001, Kagame has been chasing Hutu natives out of Kigali City and other important cities of the country. He demolishes their houses and sends them away without meeting legal requirements of eviction. In his mind, Kagame wants Kigali to become the world’s smartest city devoid of poor people. He has made ambulant traders aliens in their forefathers’ land by forcing them out of Kigali and replaced them with Masai he imported from Kenya.

The Kagame regime argues that low class Hutu citizens would facilitate FDLR’s (a Hutu-dominated rebel group based in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo) infiltration in the Capital so long as they dwell in Kigali. And on the other hand the Minister of Defence James Kabarebe repeatedly says that FDLR is a phantom rebel group which can’t harm Rwanda at all. The question is: If the FDLR is a phantom thing, why do Hutu people continually get victimized over it? The argument about FDLR is totally false as it is the case for anyone who criticizes the regime.

Today the precincts of Kigali City have become something of Hutu ghetto. The world’s broad media corporations like BBC, VOA, RFI and so on have reported this social injustice but nothing changed because it is a long plan on the mind of RPF and ought to be carried out.


The Kagame administration imposes heavy health insurance fees to the people but health centres throughout the country do not have enough drugs, qualified personnel and other basic medical requirements.

Many sick people are held prisoners in different hospitals due to the lack of health insurance and they are not able to pay. By contrast, the ruling elite regularly consult their medical doctors in India, South Africa, China, Europe and else where in the world.


The judiciary system of Rwanda works as if the country is in state of war. Prison and grave have become respective homes for any citizens who don’t share RPF’s hegemonic ideology. The judges have no farther probe to do than condemning the dissidents and everyone else the prosecution brings to the court. Even Tutsi who stand against the injustice done towards the Hutu ethnic group are jailed .

The Gacaca system could not resolve judicial problems such as cases of genocide which demanded qualified law skills. The people accused their neighbors falsely because of social conflict based on property issues . Indeed the Gacaca Courts were a paradigm shift of some elimination of Hutu ethnic group’s nationals.

Rwandan prisons are crammed with Hutu prisoners who were arrested since the power takeover by the RPF in 1994.

Tortured, starved and emaciated, now hundreds of thousand prisoners have died in jail and the rest are still dying off on a day-to-day basis. That’s why Rwanda has the highest imprisonment rates in the world. Thus, it’s a systematic elimination of a people by prison.


After taking the people to the depth of poverty, Kagame introduced “Gira inka program” (Have a cow). This was a well thought-of plan to impoverish the targeted social group because you cannot get what to feed your beast with while you haven’t enough food for your household. Thus, receiving this Kagame cow or turning down the offer involves risks on equal scales. You receive it and it binds you to servitude because except feeding it in a stable, you have no right to take it out to grazing pastures nor to sell it in order that you may solve some of your financial problems. You refuse it and right away you become the regime’s foe to be hunted animally. In a nutshell, the Kagame cow is a “white elephant.” (From the story that in Siam [now Thailand] the king would give a white elephant as a present to somebody that he did not like. That person would spend all their money on looking after the rare animal.) Even those who tried hard to take care of the Kagame cow have not emerged above the poverty line. They can’t even pay school fees for one of their children .

Another clue that indicates how Hutu Rwandans are enslaved bases on how cooperatives in charge of forced collectivization operate. Deplorably these cooperatives are in the hands of RPF managers who want to suck agricultural production and befit more of it than the agriculturer himself. As a matter of fact, Rwanda is a vast camp in which the Hutu are slaves of the Tutsi aristocracy.

It takes deep thought and shrewd insight to uncover the guile of Kagame.

Researchers have shown that there are many sorts of genocide. You can exterminate a people by means of weapons, confining them to jail, impoverishment, restricting them from reproduction, denying them education, limiting them from prominent jobs in government institutions and depriving them free access to their economy and family.

In so doing, the regime can not alleviate poverty in Rwanda. Indeed the majority is highly discriminated . The main donors especially the USA, UK, Belgium, Germany and Holland ought to put their aid to Rwanda on conditions. If they do not do so, they are helping fascist schemes to reach their ends.

By: Jean Rukika
A London-based independent activist
Sunday, 4 January 2018