President Paul Kagame has successively appointed sycophantic professors as heads of the Electoral Commission. During the presidential & parliamentary elections of 2003, Professor Chrysologue Karangwa became Chairperson of the NEC (National Electoral Commission) and he helped Kagame to reach a fraudulent victory over his fervent rival ex-PM Faustin Twagiramungu. The same scandal of electoral fraud was played in the election of the parliamentarians and not one independent candidate walked off with 5% of the vote to earn a seat in the Parliament.

Afterwards, President Kagame appointed Professor Kalisa Mbanda as the Chairperson of the NEC on the 31st October 2012. Kagame and his Party (RPF) always earn over 95% of the vote because the political space is squarely locked up and they use the electoral commission to falsify statistics. Kagame and his ruling Party manipulates the results of the vote because they surely know that if they let the people elect democratically, they would have the least percentage of the vote. Kagame and the RPF rule Rwandans not because the people want to but merely because it’s a matter of life or death. All adult Rwandans know that Kagame and the RPF committed double genocide still commit grave offences of human rights violations.

Manipulated election is the only way for Kagame and his Party to win. It is known that the Parliament of Rwanda does not work for the people but works as loudspeaker of dictator Paul Kagame. Rwandan MPs implement the agenda of the RPF instead of airing the grievances of the people whom they represent to the central government.

The RPF-dominated parliament always seeks to satisfy Kagame’s mercenary longings to the detriment of the people and it would not be exaggerating if one says that the Parliament is an accomplice in all atrocities committed against Rwandans by the regime in place. For example, when Kagame sought to fiddle with the Constitution in 2015 aiming to be President for life, the parliament facilitated him to achieve his fascist goals by amending article 101 without pausing to question what history will have to record and in so doing the parliamentarians signed the nation’s death warrant.

Now as the election of MPs closes today, it is indubitable that the architects of the RPF through the satanic agency of Professor Kalisa Mbanda’s electoral college have already predetermined the winners. This morning, Professor Mbanda himself declared that no independent candidate is bound to have 5% to earn a seat in the parliament. Currently the results show that there was a magic designation of candidates before elections and one uncommon thing is that most of the candidates are unknown strangers in their constituency.

So far, the votes of the participants stand as follows:

▶RPF: 73%
▶PSD: 8%
▶PL: 7%
▶Democratic Green Party: 4%
▶PS Imberakuri: 4%

The results do not reflect the reality. Thus, the election is subject to numerous manipulations in favor of the Chief of the RPF President Paul Kagame and his clients.

Since 2003, no independent candidate has ever won at parliamentary elections and this is connected with the ideology of the RPF’s political school which teaches that anyone who does not share RPF’s political views is as undesirable as garbage and ought to be put into the grave or sent to prison. That’s why every presidential or parliamentary aspirant who rises a manifesto that exposes the ills of the KAGAME-RPF System straightly passes behind bars or takes the route to exile. Here one can state the cases of Dr Theoneste Niyitegeka, Victoire Ingabire and Diane Rwigara who are in jail; and Faustin Twagiramungu & Gilbert Mwenedata who are in exile.

It is recommended that MPs represent the interests of the people, not stand for the interests of the ruling party or the President. This should also apply to the senators because no dictatorship can proselyte to democracy as long as both chambers (the Parliament and the Senate) are the most corrupt branch of the government. In my next article, I will expose how an irresponsible parliament is more a burden than a solution to the nation.

Written by:
Jean Rukika
A London-based independent activist
Tuesday, 4 September 2018