Slave Trade between Paul Kagame and Benjamin Netanyahu

Those condemning the slavery in Libya should also condemn Benjamin Netanyahu and Paul Kagame. These two men have struck a deal of sending 40000 Eritrean and Sudanese refugees to Rwanda.

Looking at the nature of this deal, Israel is selling these refugees to Kagame. The deal says that each refugee will be given 3500 $ plus a flight ticket to Rwanda. And Kagame will get 5000 $ for each refugee deported from Israel to Rwanda.

Those who know Kagame, this is a real business, he will pocket this man to himself and these poor refugees will not get anything and there after live a miserable life, like the say goes “moving out of frying pan into fire”. Also it is a big business to Kagame,s airplane.

The Kagame plans don’t end here, the man who is always fighting with his neighbors, he needs fighters. Many Rwandans have died in the wars that Kagame started in the neighboring countries, Congo and Burundi and now he is provoking Ugandans, Kagame knows that Rwandans are tired of these wars and no one is willing to die fighting for the interests of one man (Kagame) and his clique.

Kagame will train these refugees give them weapons and send them to fight for his interests. The move was well calculated, there is nothing of goodwill, there is nothing of humanitarian help.

Two years ago, when Kagame took part in destabilizing Burundi, in his usual keep up appearance, he went around making noise that he is hosting Burundian refugees, but what did he do? He armed them and sent them back do destabilize their country, many of them were caught and they confessed they were sent by Rwanda, meanwhile he was trotting the world insinuating that he is hosting Burundian refugees.

Kagame is not interested in the wellbeing of these refugees he has bought from Netanyahu, the would should know.

Currently Rwanda is going through hard economic situation, Rwanda can hardly feed its population, many Rwandans have been going into neighboring Uganda in search for food.

In addition Rwanda is in shortage of land. Rwanda has a population of 12 million, against the size of Rwanda of 26336 million square meters . Rwanda has a lot of refugees scatters around the world, Kagame has failed to sort out the problem of Rwandan refugees, but he wants to fool the world that he cares and he is willing to bring in refugees sold to him by Netanyahu!! Let him care for Rwandan people first, the world will know how caring Kagame is.

What Rwanda could have done if it truly cared for these refugees was to make an appeal to the international community to persuade Israel to give asylum to these refugees or be taken to developed countries where they will be given asylum and establish themselves, Rwanda was supposed to condemn this move that Israel is taking instead of making a deal with Netanyahu, this is a real slavery, these brothers and sisters are sold to Kagame and as a Rwandan I m so disturbed by this move.

I would like to make an appeal to the international community to quickly move in and save these refugees or else it will go down in the history that Kagame bought slaves from Netanyahu under the watch of the international community . UNHCR, please do something to save these Eritrean and Sudanese refugees.

As a refugee myself, from Rwanda, I know the move taken by Kagame is not a good move the move has got a hidden agenda of which I have explained above, this move should be condemned and it should be halted as soon as possible.

Kagame, don’t make Rwanda a slave trade haven, we refuse, we condemn. You and your friend Netanyahu, you are playing with fire and it will soon backfire, slave trade is long gone and if you want to bring it back , you are going against nature.

#I stand against slave trade between Benjamin Natanyahu and Paul Kagame.

Jeanne Mukamurenzi.

Rwandan refugees living in Norway.
Deputy Secretary General in charge of the youths, in Ishema party.