Social Party Imberakuri Prepares for 2024 Presidential Election with Ntaganda at the Helm

Me Bernard Ntaganda

In an official statement dated February 9, 2024, the Social Party Imberakuri outlined key appointments and strategies for the upcoming presidential campaign of its founding president, Me Ntaganda Bernard. Set against the backdrop of Rwanda’s presidential election scheduled for July 15, 2024, this announcement marks a significant step in the party’s preparation for a pivotal electoral contest.

The National Commission for Elections has confirmed the election date, aligning with the party’s long-term planning and the earlier declaration of candidacy by Me Ntaganda Bernard on May 19, 2022. In anticipation, the Social Party Imberakuri has strategically formed a Steering Committee to spearhead the campaign efforts. This committee is composed of leading figures within the party, including the Vice President overseeing campaign activities, the Executive Secretary responsible for mobilization, and spokesmen both within Rwanda and internationally, ensuring a cohesive and widespread campaign outreach.

The campaign is set to be a substantial financial endeavor, with a budget of approximately 682.975.400 Rwandan Francs. This budget will be funded through contributions from party members and financial donations from supporters of Me Ntaganda Bernard and allied partners. Such financial planning underscores the party’s commitment to a robust and competitive electoral campaign.

In a bold move, the party’s Management Committee has called upon the current Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, to engage in a fair and competitive electoral process. This challenge extends to international supporters of the Rwandan government, urging them to advocate for an inclusive electoral environment that allows genuine opposition participation. This appeal reflects the Social Party Imberakuri’s desire for a democratic process that respects diverse political voices.

As Rwanda approaches this electoral milestone, the Social Party Imberakuri’s preparations signify a crucial phase in its political journey, highlighting the party’s readiness to contend in the presidential race. The involvement of key party figures and the strategic allocation of resources illustrate a well-organized campaign approach aimed at maximizing Me Ntaganda Bernard’s visibility and appeal to the Rwandan electorate. This electoral period promises to be a defining moment in Rwanda’s political landscape, with the Social Party Imberakuri positioning itself as a significant contender in the presidential election.