By Janet Nabyo

Starting his military career in Uganda in the early 1980s, Paul Kagame was characterized by a ferocious frame of mind and Ugandan people feared him more than they feared any other officers in the whole country. They nicknamed him “Pilate”. During the Museveni’s liberation war against the regime of President Obote, Kagame exerted a great deal of war crimes and crimes against humanity. As chief of the Museveni intelligence, he killed hundreds of President Obote’s officers and terrified Ugandan people so much that they had no other option than to submit to the ruffian new regime of Kagame’s boss at the time Mr Yoweli Kaguta Museveni. Kagame widowed countless women in Uganda, orphaned many children and turned many parents childless. So far, after all this time, Ugandan wounds of Kagame’s atrocious crimes are still bleeding.

In 1990 when Kagame and RPF invaded Rwanda, many Ugandans experienced a huge relief. It was as if Satan left Uganda and entered Rwanda, never to be so free and peaceful again. His warring plan was to clear every living thing wherever he and his army passed. They killed, raped, looted and left the fugitives terror-stricken. Up to this very day I’m writing this post, the innocent blood Kagame shed are still crying loud in the four corners of Rwanda. Certainly, God will take revenge for every drop of innocent blood that Kagame and his junta have shed on the soil of Rwanda .

When Kagame took power in 1994, instead of hauling off the spear, Kagame accelerated his massacres against defenceless civilians believing he was getting his power consolidated. In his famous operations known as “PUNGUZA” a Swahili word meaning “REDUCE”, Kagame ordered his thugs to slay every Hutu male they met on the way aged between 15 and 75. Then in extended operations, he ordered his soldiers to massacre every Hutu they could lay their hands on regardless of the age, meaning that Hutu citizens from infants to centenarians were to be killed. Meanwhile, Kagame arrested other myriads of Hutu countrymen and put them in prisons as scapegoats to show the world the perpetrators of the genocide he himself committed. The cases of the scapegoated Hutus were motivated recklessly by a system of illiterate courts known as GACACA and those victims of injustice are dying off Kagame’s prisons which are compared to Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps. According to the necrological statistics of the RCS (Rwanda Correctional Service), about 1976 prisoners die in prison every year since 1994 due to emaciation, malnutrition, overcrowding conditions, etc disasters. That is to say that 1976 prison deaths/year X 23 years = 45,448. This explains why one would not be going far off the truth if one calls Kagame’s prison system a “RAMPANT GENOCIDE”, because it is his devised method to eliminate a people without the world’s cameras noticing what’s going on.

Here come the names of some prisoners (intellectuals, traders, former statesmen and ordinary people) Kagame jailed and eliminated by prison between 1994 and 2017.

√Gasabo Prison:

1. General Laurent Munyakazi
2. Nsabumugisha Basil

√Muhanga Prison:

1. Mundimundi Juvenal
2. Iyakaremye Emmanuel
3. Munyeshuri Jean Damascene
4. Mudahinyuka Léopold
5. Rwaburendi Jean Damascene

√Huye Prison:

1. Kabogo Félicien
2. Kajepeyizana Juvenal
3. Serukwavu

√Nyanza Prison:

1. Habimana Pierre Claver
2. Ruvugama Cyril
3. Ngirinshuti Athanase
4. Ntibabwiriza Joseph

√Nyamagabe Prison:

1. Nkeramugaba André
2. Ntegeyintwari Joseph
3. Nkezabaganwa Simon
4. Nyagashi Augustin
5. Mungurareba

√Nyarugenge Prison:

1. Sezikeye Marcel
2. Ubarijoro
3. Rutayisire Sophonie
4. Muhire Paul
5. Nkurikiyinka Charles

√Rubavu Prison:

1. Ruzindana Elie
2. Sebirayi Théogène
3. Ntawukazi Amiel
4. Ndorayabo Eliab
5. Banzi Wellars
6. Nyagasaza Mathias
7. Ngaboyintwari Prudence
8. Simpakana Amon
9. Niyikiza Pantalon
10. Bagirubwira Amos
11. Musuhuke

√Musanze Prison:

1. Sezikeye Faustin
2. Musigiyende Salatiel
3. Rwabayidadi Léopold
4. Ngaboyamwiza Paulin
5. Gasasira Jean de Dieu
6. Barihenda Esiri
7. Nditunze Mathias
8. Nduguyemo Jean de Dieu
9. Niyoyita Jean Damascene
10. Ndisetse Assiel
11. Ntanshuti Sylvestre
12. Burarima
13. Badosi

In spite of all these mass killings, Kagame always remains blood-thirsty. He uses his DMI operatives to assassinate political opponents and whoever suspected not to share his fascist ideology. Apart DMI (Directorate of Military Intelligence), Kagame utilizes the judiciary branch of the government as his machine to cleanse right-thinking Rwandans by sending them to prison for life.

Two days ago in the thirtieth anniversary of the RPF, the world was surprised to hear President Kagame saying “Let Diane Rwigara and her mother go to heat up on the fire in prison”. Of course, to decay in prison like Victoire Ingabire, Deo Mushayidi, Dr Théonèste Niyitegeka, etc. Kagame mentioned that cruel sentence in his speech because Diane Rwigara darst to challenge him at the previous presidential election.
That’s how President Kagame is referred to as the African Adolf Hitler because his death schemes, fascism, hatred and vindictiveness never tapper off.